Visiting the USS Midway

Visiting the USS Midway was the highlight of my trip to San Diego. Located on the waterfront by Downtown and the Gaslamp Quarter, the Midway Museum is a great piece of history and an rare insight into the world and daily life of America's brave sailors.
USS Midway Ship San Diego

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Visiting the USS Midway was definitely the highlight of my time spent in San Diego. Don’t worry about seasickness on this tour, this massive aircraft carrier dominates the San Diego waterside at almost 1,000 feet long! And in order to maintain it’s astonishing size the USS Midway kept a running crew of around 4,000 sailors, a population larger than the city I grew up in.

The USS MIdway Ship
Unconditional Surrender

When commissioned in 1945 the USS Midway became the largest ship in the world and stayed that way for almost a decade. She had a long running career in the water with combat experience from Vietnam all the way to the Persian Golf before being decommissioned in 1992. After it’s decommissioning the USS Midway was moved to San Diego and in 2004 she was open to the public as a historical museum.

The USS Midway Ship
USS Midway museum
The USS Midway
Entering the Midway
The USS Midway
Ticketing area

Exploring the Midway

During it’s long life at sea USS Midway was more than just a ship, it was a self sustaining community. Having the population of a small city, the USS Midway encompassed all of the traditional aspects of a city and it needed all of these parts to work flawlessly to survive Earth’s vast oceans.

USS Midway Navy

Life on the USS Midway
One of the more spacious racks
Life on the USS Midway
Emergency raft and gear

In order to bring the ship back alive make sure you pick up a free audio headsets at the start of your tour. These headsets are the perfect way to go back in time and experience what life was like aboard one of the world’s largest vessels. Throughout the tour you will recount stories of everyday life aboard the Midway and gain some understanding on the sheer magnitude of supplies and work needed to keep a ship of this size functioning.

The USS Midway Bulkhead
Exploring the ship

Life on the USS Midway Life on the USS MidwayUSS Midway Navy Life on the USS Midway

Museum Information

Operating hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and tickets to can be purchased online or at the entrance.

Ticket prices are:

$20 – Adults (age 18+)
$17 – Seniors (age 62+)
$15 – Students (ages 13-17 or w/ college ID)
$10 – Youth (ages 6-12)
$10 – Retired Military (with ID)
FREE admission – children 5 and under, active duty military, law enforcement and firefighters.


If you purchase a ticket online you get a $2 discount. Also by purchasing online and printing your ticket you avoid waiting in line. The USS Midway is available as part of the San Diego Attraction Pass.

Free audio headsets are provided for use in conjunction to over 60 points throughout the ship. The tour time with audio takes a little over 3 hours.

There are different aircraft located on the deck and interactive exhibits, short films and informational stories throughout the ship.

Battle of the USS Midway

The USS Midway Vessel Fighter Squadrons USS Midway Fighter Jet USS Midway Fighter Plane USS Midway

Fighter Jet USS Midway
Glimpse of the massive flight deck

Final Thoughts

Ihope you enjoyed this quick review about visiting the USS Midway and it makes you want to get your butt on this boat! It truly is a great experience and I spent hours captivated by what life was like on this floating city. Don’t miss it if you are ever in San Diego.

The USS Midway Ship

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