Tips for Taking Taxis in Morocco

For those looking to visit Morocco this post gives you some inside on taking taxis in Morocco along with information regarding taxi etiquette.
Taking Taxis in Morocco Outidevibes

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Although Morocco is not the largest country in Africa it still takes a few hours to get from city to city. The best way to reach your next destination, while seeing the diverse countryside, is by taking taxis. For those looking to visit this beautiful country this post gives you some inside on taking taxis in Morocco along with information regarding taxi etiquette.

Taking Taxis in Morocco

There are two types of taxis in Morocco, Petite Taxis and Grand Taxis. These taxis are easily identified across the country. In every Moroccan city taxis are all painted the same color, what color that may be differs between each city along with type of taxi, but they are all easy to spot.

Taking Taxis in Morocco

Petite Taxi

Petite Taxis are smaller cars that are only allowed to take 3 passengers at a time and are only allowed to drive inside city limits. You can flag them down or find them parked around popular spots, bus or train stations.

Taking Taxis in Morocco

Grand Taxi

Grand Taxis are what you might picture a taxi to be when you think of Morocco, almost all Grand Taxis are still the old Mercedes style with a taxi sign on the top and a city seal on the front door. They will fit in 6+ passengers inside and are mostly used to get between cities. A lot of them will do set routes but you can also find some that travel around the city. You can find these taxis at designated taxi stands or also nearby popular spots in town.

Taking Taxis in Morocco

Taxi Etiquette

Since Morocco is a respectful and conservative country it is deemed polite for woman and elderly travelers to get the front seat of the taxi, next to the driver. If you are a female traveler or the taxi driver picks up other female passengers it is polite for the men to switch seats so the woman can sit together. Also if you are a solo female traveler or there is a solo female passenger in the taxi, it is polite to switch seats allowing you or the woman to be next to the door instead of in a middle seat.

Final thoughts on How to Taxi in Morocco

Taking taxis in Morocco are fun, albeit a very close and personal experience when the taxi itself fills up, but that is one of the neat things about traveling. I spent a month taking taxis in Morocco and never had a bad experience. I had a weird experience where my taxi driver and I drove around for an hour trying to find other passengers before leaving town and I was volunteered to yell our destination out the window trying get passengers before the driver finally gave up and left town.

Taking Taxis in Morocco

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