RVCA Yogger 3 Men’s Shorts

A great pair of shorts is so key when backpacking or traveling. The RVCA Yogger 3 Men's shorts have become my default travel short. In this gear review I share what I love about the RVCA Yogger and what I dislike in this 3rd version of men's athletic short.
RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

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After traveling around the world, for almost two years, in my RVCA Yogger 2 shorts, I decided that I should to be less gross and grab anther pair of these awesome men’s shorts, so I can alternate pairs on my next adventure. (Instead of just living in the same one pair of men’s travel shorts.)


Yogger 3
  • Comfortable
  • Quick drying
  • Light, versatile and durable
  • Draw string is hard to tie
  • Waistband changed from version 2
Outsidevibes Rating
Lightweight Men's Travel Short 92%

About the RVCA Yogger 3 Men's Short

Knowing how much I loved my RVCA Yogger 2 shorts during my last travels, I decided to buy myself another pair, turns out that over those two years traveling  RVCA updated the short to the 3rd version.

I decided to go with the new design anyways, bought a pair online and had them sent to Toronto, where I was headed. Much to my dismay when I arrived to Toronto I found out that the new changes to the RVCA Yogger men’s shorts were less of an improvement and more of what seemed like a cost cutting upgrade.

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The new RVCA Yogger 3 shorts still sport the 100% polyester construction, which has kept my Yogger 2 shorts surviving for this long. Unfortunately the new changes have kept me to wearing my Yogger 2 shorts more often. RVCA got rid of some extra durability throughout the shorts, that I loved in the Yogger 2. This change has not affected the overall lifespan, 2020 update I’m still rocking my RVCA Yogger 3’s strong, but it brings mind how most giant companies are cutting quality for extra savings, and keep the price tag the same.

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

The new RVCA Yogger 3 shorts sport an updated waistband going away from the thicker, stylized and more sturdy design that I loved in my Yogger 2 shorts. Getting used to the new waistband design has been minor but the fact that the drawstring is now inside the waistband is something I have struggled getting behind. It’s nearly impossible to comfortably tighten these shorts up. Whenever I try to tighten these athletic shorts down before my run or hike, everything just bunches in the front.

The front pockets are cut slightly different, they have a smaller opening, making my giant hand harder to easily slide in, let alone comfortably storing today’s smartphone with case in the pocket. The back pocket is still zippered but once again this zipper seems to be a downgrade from the previous design. Same with the seams, in which the stitching feel a tiny bit less sturdy.

Final Thoughts on the RVCA Yogger 3 Men's Short

Despite these changes my RVCA Yogger 3 shorts have held up very well this past year and if I had never tried the older version I would never notice any of these tiny issues or complain about them. These RVCA men’s shorts are still my go-to travel shorts, I actually just purchased another pair, in red, to add to my collection.

2020 I am still wearing my RVCA Yogger stretch shorts, I still live in them, daily, and each pair has held up to everything I’ve thrown at them.

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