RVCA Yogger 3 Men’s Shorts

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

After living in and loving my RVCA Yogger 2 shorts for the past year and a bit, I decided that I needed to be less gross and grab a second pair, to alternate with, before the start of my 2018 adventure. When searching online as to where I could buy the RVCA Yogger shorts I discovered that RVCA actually redesigned the Yogger for 2018.

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

Finding that no place in North Dakota stocked the new RVCA Yogger 3 shorts I bought a pair online and had them sent to Toronto, where I was headed. Much to my dismay when I arrived to Toronto I found out that the new changes to the RVCA Yogger shorts were less of an improvement and more of a cost cutting upgrade.

About the RVCA Yogger 3 Men’s Short

The new RVCA Yogger 3 shorts still sport the 100% polyester construction, which has kept my Yogger 2 shorts surviving for this long. Unfortunately the new changes have kept me to wearing my Yogger 2 shorts more often. RVCA got rid of some extra flare throughout the shorts, which does not affect the overall lifespan but it brings back to mind a lower quality compared to wearing the old design.

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

The new RVCA Yogger 3 shorts sport an updated waistband going away from the thicker, stylized and more sturdy design that I loved in my Yogger 2 shorts. Getting used to the new waistband was something minor but the fact that the drawstring is now inside the waistband is something I have struggled getting behind. It’s nearly impossible to comfortably tighten these shorts up, when you try to everything just bunches in the front.

The front pockets are cut differently, they have a smaller opening, making it hard to put my large hand in, let alone storing today’s smartphone. The back pocket is still zippered but once again this zipper seems to be a downgrade from the previous design. Same with the seams, in which the stitching feel a tiny bit less sturdy.

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

Final Thoughts

Despite these changes my RVCA Yogger 3 shorts have held up very well this past year and if I had never tried the older version I would never notice them. These are still my go-to travel shorts, I actually just purchased another pair, in red, to add to my collection.

RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts



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