RVCA Yogger 2 Men’s Shorts

RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Short

I bought the RVCA Yogger 2 men’s shorts for my 2017 travel adventure and man have they changed my short game. I am more than impressed Yogging around.RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts

I was in Pismo Beach, California about to head to the South Pacific when I spotted these shorts. I had been wanting a lightweight day to day short but I was a bit hesitant to buy these, because of the hefty price tag in the local surf shop. But the RVCA Yogger 2 was well worth it. They have mostly withstood me wearing them for over a year straight. I say mostly because part of the thick stylized waistband is coming off but that was because I picked at the loose string instead of cutting it right away.

RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts

That heavy price tag has brought durability, functionality and lifespan. It also proves why my waistband issue isn’t really an issue at all, the waistband is still stitched in two more spots along the inside!

About the RVCA Yogger 2 Men’s Short

Being made with 100% polyester, the RVCA Yogger 2 is super comfortable, moisture resistant and quick drying. Sporting two mesh front pockets and one zipper back pocket, along with a waistband string to tighten up for extra activities, the design of the RVCA Yogger 2 is perfect for me. I like my shorts, short and slightly fitted. After wearing these daily for over a year and a half the fabric and fit have held up surprisingly well.

RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts
Searching for Mexican waterfalls
RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts
Enjoy Life, Be Wild

RVCA Yogger shorts have become my staple item of clothing when traveling. They look nice enough to wear everyday. They dry insanely fast, I can wash them in the sink and they will be good to go later on, they are lightweight and pack super small.

Final Thoughts

It is amazing how much difference a nice pair of anything makes and these RVCA Yogger shorts are nice. They cost a little more but they have held out longer and better than all my past short purchases.

RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts

Wild Update: Looks like RVCA updated the Yogger shorts to the Yogger 3 version for 2018 and they made a few changes that I’m not completely impressed with.

RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Shorts
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