Ram Promaster Plastic Back Panel Removal

Hey there! My name is Sheridan Cahoon and I am a professional backpacker, photographer, and adventure expert! I have been living in and out of various backpacks since 2013, and in this blog post I share with you how EASY it is to remove the back panels and plastic rivets on a Ram Promaster Van.
Ram Promaster 3500 Plastic Rivet Removal Back Doors

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Welcome to my CAMPERVAN BUILD! If this is your first time, I am converting a brand new 2020 Ram Promaster 3500 159 inch Extended passenger van into my dream land yacht!

After years of backpacking around the world, living as a digital nomad, I am self-converting this van because I kind-of want a home of my own….EXCEPT I cannot stop traveling! I am addicted to to travel but I am over the backpacking and hostel life.

This Promaster van build allows me the freedom to travel while still having the comforts of a home. Owning and building a campervan has been a long standing dream of mine! This is going to be the perfect balance of travel, home, adventure, and comfort! SO EXCITED.

Check out my back panel removal tutorial video

Ram Promaster Plastic Back Panel Removal Guide

Removing the plastic back panels will be one of the first steps on your custom van build journey. Removing these panels is highly recommended so that you can fill the areas with, noise deadening tape and insulation. Also by removing these plastic panels you are able to add a more custom look to your van build and if you are really aiming to get every centimeter of space out of your build you can make some cool storage areas on the corner areas.

Build Time Required
15 minutes
Ram Promaster 3500 Back Plastic Panel Removal
Back panels removed

Tools Used

Removing the plastic back panels on a Ram Promaster is super simple to do!

The only tools required are a Phillips screwdriver, for the two corner panels and some sort of flat pry item for the plastic rivets that attach the panels to the wall. I used a small bent flathead screwdriver that my dad had laying in the toolbox for some sort of project, for those.

Tools used to remove the back panels of a ram promaster 3500 van
It might look odd but the curved flathead worked like a charm!

Removal Process

I removed two back door panels, four back corner panels and the sliding side door panel on my Ram Promaster 3500.The process was simple and even without using the actual auto trim removal kit I did not break any of the plastic rivets that hold these panels onto the van.

Removal of the back panels very an easy task to do, all you need is to pry out the plastic rivets that holds each panel in place. I managed to take off all my panels in under 20 minutes without rushing or breaking any rivets.

The small top back panels on the rear doors have clips that hold them in as well as the rives and the long back door panels are screwed in with 4 Phillip head screws.

Ram promaster side panel removal
Ram Promaster 3500 Plastic Side Panel Removed | Outsidevibes

Final Thoughts - removing the plastic back panels on a Ram Promaster

There isn’t much else to say, removing the panels was a very easy thing to do, and I was so excited at doing the first physical thing on my campervan build!

Make sure when removing the rivets that you pry from the panel itself and not on the van, I scraped a little bit of paint taking one or two out. Not a big deal but when you have a new van every little scrap is like ahhh.

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