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For this gear review we THOROUGHLY checked out the Quad Lock smartphone case, and associated mounts. Sheridan has spent the past month in his campervan, putting various Quad Lock mounts and accessory through the ultimate digital nomad/adventurer test!
quad lock smartphone mounts

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After seeing one of my photographer friend’s Instagram post, a sick motocross photo he captured, I noticed he tagged a brand I had not heard of before, called Quad Lock, a company that specializes in “smartphone mounting for an active lifestyle”.

I checked out their Instagram profile and I was quite impressed by their product lineup, the various mounts Quad Lock has developed encompassed every way I plan to utilize my smartphone during my campervan adventure. I take photos, I run, I hike, I use tripods, I’m driving, working online, etc, and I had been wondering how will I be able to capture the best quality of content, doing all of these activities, while not having to worry about the safety of my smartphone. I reached out to Quad Lock and they were kind enough to send a few items my way to test, which I have been thoroughly doing the past few weeks!

Quad Lock

Smartphone Mounts
  • 18+ mounts and adapters
  • Can be used with every smartphone
  • Slim yet very durable case
  • Extreme functionality
  • Wireless charging is an add-on
Outsidevibes Rating
Smartphone Mounting System 97%

About the Quad Lock smartphone case and mounts

Quad Lock, a brand originating in Australia, is a smartphone mount and case company that encompasses the intention to make products for people with an active lifestyle. Their products contain a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that allows accompanying accessories to be mounted to your smartphone. This quick attach/detach locking mechanism securely holds your cellphone to whichever mount you have it attached to, in one of four available vertical/horizontal mounting positions. The case is slim and sleek, and every accessory I have tested has been constructed with precision and durability. A lot of thought has gone into the Quad Lock product designs.

The Quad Lock lineup consists of a smartphone tripod mount, car windshield mount, backpack/belt phone clip, a smartphone running armband, phone finger ring, three bicycle mounts, three motorcycle mounts, desk mount, and a few other mount styles. Aside from the mounts, one of the COOLEST things Quad Lock has done is that they have a smartphone case available for almost every brand, style, and model on the market, you don’t need a special phone or the latest model to be able to take full advantage of the Quad Lock mounting system!

Outsidevibes Gear Review

With over 81,000 customer reviews, most being 5 star, I was quite excited to experience firsthand how well the Quad Lock mounts would hold up to my ACTIVE lifestyle. So far I have spent one month with the Quad Lock smartphone case, car mount, desk mount (wireless chargers for both), the creator tripod mount, belt clip, finger ring, and running armband!

Starting off let’s chat about my personal experience for each one of these smartphone mounts and then further down we will dive into the individual product details. First up the Quad Lock smartphone case, I am one who always drops their phone! I guess drops is not the correct term, I am the one who is always knocking it off surfaces. I am also the type of person who constantly pulls my phone out of my pocket, have to get that photo, or record a quick video! So I am quite particular when it comes to what protective case I encompass my smartphone with. It can’t be too bulky and yet the ability to fully protect my phone needs to be there.

I don’t know how Quad Lock is able to make their case as sturdy and protective as it is, while still retaining a slim size, but it is. The back of the case has a subtle feel to it that I don’t feel like my phone is ever slipping out of my hand, even if I’m quickly grabbing it to take a photo, and not using the finger ring or holding it tightly. A great thing to mention is the actual locking mount indent on the phone case is the perfect place for me to put a finger, stabilize and comfortably hold my phone for those quick grabs.

Speaking of fingers let’s talk about what usually goes on them, rings! The Quad Lock finger ring/stand took me a some getting used to but it is actually super cool! I’ve been a long-time pop socket person, so I did have to adjust to the ring style, but now that I have, it offers just that “little” bit more than a pop socket! The Quad Lock phone ring is sturdy, made of metal, and I really like how quickly I can flip it around on the mounting system for different angles when using my phone as a stand. It sits flush with the case so I never notice it in my pocket or anything. Also the genius of the Quad Lock mounting system is how simple it is to remove the phone ring when I’m wanting to attach my phone to another Quad Lock mount, like the car mount!

Okay, I did not realize how nice it would be to have a wireless charging smartphone car mount until I tested out this Quad Lock mount. Not only is my phone positioned directly in front of me on my windshield, prime for driving directions in the van, but it’s also beneficial to be able to glance at my phone when I receive a notification and have it unlock with my face ID, allowing me to see what was sent without ever having to move my hands. I have to say, with my extended life on the road, the Quad Lock car mount is the ULTIMATE HANDS-FREE SAFETY DEVICE, and probably the best part of all the Quad Lock gear I tested, just for all the time I spend behind the wheel, living out of my campervan.

My next two favorite Quad Lock smartphone mounts are the desk mount and the run kit! My lifestyle is super active, or quite sedentary, as I mostly work behind my laptop. For being active, trail running has always been a de-stressor for me, one of my favorite exercises and activities to do! Strapping up the Quad Lock running armband and that first run was quite thrilling to me. My last smartphone running armband was a Lifeproof running band and what sucked about that was the mount is an adhesive pad attached to your phone case, so guess what happened more than once? That adhesive gave way while I was barreling down a trail and my phone flung to the ground. So the past little while, before testing out the Quad Lock armband, I have literally just been holding my phone in my hand as I go on runs.

This past month testing out the Quad Lock gear I’ve pounded down some intense trail running miles throughout Texas, Arizona, Utah and I feel none of that “ugh is my phone going to fall off on this run” anxiety with the Quad Lock armband. Actually, this thing is so secure there is even a little learning curve to get a phone on and off! The Quad Lock running armband has an extra push tab to engage their lock/unlock mechanism, which helps keep your smartphone attached and secure, love that extra protection!

I don’t know if I can say this is a downside, but the only thing that I have found difficult with the Quad Lock running armband is that the velcro is tough to pull off when adjusting the size. Which I can guarantee is 95% just my issue!

Living in such a small space, in my self-converted campervan, I will admit that I was hesitant that I would enjoy the Quad Lock desk mount. It seemed like another thing I had to set up or pack away when I lifted up my folding pocket door table, but damn the desk mount is high on my list of things I love about this whole smartphone mounting system. Once again, like the car mount, I can hook my phone on it,  set it next to my laptop, it charges for me, and whenever I receive a notification or my procrastination kicks in I can either just look at my phone, or reach out a finger and I’m surfing on my smartphone. The Quad Lock desk mount removes that tiny bit of effort having to grab my phone from my pocket or picking it up from the bench next to me, to look at why it vibrated or who was messaging me, I literally just turn my head and that’s all.

The last two pieces of gear I have been testing are the smartphone tripod mount and belt clip. For me, the belt clip has become a straight-up backpacking strap clip, I do enjoy having my phone strapped by my chest for some hikes and to record certain video styles but not something I would use constantly as a way to just hold my phone.

The creator tripod mount designed so elegantly by Quad Lock is tiny and superb! After using this tripod mount I’m wanting to get a second tripod, just for my phone and this mount, instead of my camera tripod. It’s perfect for those instances when I want to go lightweight content creating with just my phone, this Quad Lock mount makes that so easy to do!

Product Feature List

Protective Smartphone Case

Every Quad Lock mounting accessory begins with the phone case! The polycarbonate construction packs a slim design into an extremely tough impact-resistant shell. Lined with microfiber and wireless charging capabilities, these impressive specifications are just the beginning of what allows the Quad Lock smartphone case to stand out from the competition.

Designed into the back of every smartphone case is Quad Lock’s patented dual-stage locking mechanism, this mechanism securely attaches your smartphone to every Quad Lock mount, the folks at Quad Lock have even tested their locking system in the factory to hold up to 80 kilograms of weight, which is 176 pounds!

quad lock phone case | Outsidevibes

Universal Adapter

The standard line up of Quad Lock smartphone cases are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei! If you have none of those devices or you are looking to attach a Quad Lock mount on one of your already favorite phone cases, or iPad/tablet, Quad Lock also offers the option of a standard adhesive adapter that allows you access to their full lineup of smartphone mounting accessories!

Car Mounting Kit

Securely mount your smartphone either to your windshield or dashboard with the Quad Lock car mount. One of the strongest and most stable car mounts on the market, the Quad Lock mount includes a dual-stage lock, industrial-strength suction cup, 360-degree adjustable head, and the quick “twist and lock” feature unique to every Quad Lock product. Available with a wireless charging option, this smartphone car mount will handle your everyday commute or cross-country adventure.

Smartphone Desk Mount

Constructed with black anodized aluminum, the Quad Lock smartphone desk mount is the perfect compliment in any office or home setting. Keeping your smartphone close at hand, this ergonomic, sleek, desk mount allows you to optimally position your smartphone next to you as you work.

Designed with a pivoting gimbal head, not only are you able to adjust the angle degree of your smartphone, since this is a Quad Lock product, you are also able to position your phone in any vertical or horizontal alignment thanks to the patented locking mechanism.

Balanced and secure the Quad Lock desk mount stays put thanks to the reusable nano-suction base, but can also be repositioned or moved to another surface if desired. Integrated with the optional wireless charging head this desk mount will quickly become a staple must-have in your home or office.

Seeking other ways to mount your smartphone in your home or office?

The Quad Lock adhesive wall mount is a great solution for those wanting to mount a phone to any flat surface, place it on the kitchen wall, in the bathroom, next to your bed, the possibilities are endless!

Smartphone Running Armband

Today’s smartphone is a necessity for most people who enjoy listening to music or recording stats during their run or workout. Quad Lock has mastered how to safely bring your smartphone along with it’s running armband.

Designed with soft Nylon and Lycra, this adjustable armband comfortably fits any arm size 6.5″ to 15″. Once in use, the secure dual-stage locking mechanism, uniquely designed by Quad Lock, keeps your device safely in place as you power through your workout. Containing that same quick twist and lock ability of all Quad Lock products you are able to effortlessly detach your smartphone from the armband to take a photo, check your stats, or reply to a message without missing a beat.

Smartphone Tripod Mount

Smartphones have advanced dramatically as cameras and content capturing devices over the past few years, they are basically a staple item brought everywhere, which makes the Quad Lock tripod mount an incredible product to accompany your everyday adventures.

Polycarbonate constructed, threaded with the standard 1/4″ – 20 tripod attachment, the Quad Lock tripod mount lets you expand your creative passion! Capture stable footage, photos, or line up the ultimate time-laps by easily mounting and removing your smartphone with the unique Quad Lock quick mounting system.

Finger Ring/Stand

Ditch your plastic pop-socket and expand the ease of Netflix viewing or securely hold your smartphone with the Quad Lock finger-ring. Using the same locking mount as the rest of the Quad Lock smartphone accessories, this aluminum phone stand has a 120-degree pivotal capability, and by switching positions in the locking mechanism, you can adjust for multiple angles. With strong design and secure gripping, this accessory fits flush on the Quad Lock case when not in use and when needed will provide the stable grip you desire.

Secure your smartphone on the go!

The Quad Lock Belt/Utility/Backpacking clip is the perfect accessory for those who are looking to attach their smartphone to a pocket, belt, or hiking backpack for quick access and simple use.

Bike and Moto Smartphone Mounts

If you are someone who enjoys adventuring on two wheels, whether self-propelled or engine-driven, Quad Lock has all your secure smartphone mounting needs covered!

For those of you cycling, the Quad Lock stem/handlebar smartphone mount is “the lightest, strongest, and most secure mount on the market”. Constructed with glass-filled nylon/polycarbonate material this mount fits all bicycle bars 25-40 mm in diameter.

Quad Lock also offers two versions of their Out-Front Cycle Mount, the standard, and pro versions. Both mounts are aerodynamically designed and feature the patented Quad Lock secure mounting system. The Standard version can be reversed to hang over the stem of your handlebars, and the Pro version offers a slightly lower profile and anodized aluminum mounting arm.

For those in the moto field, Quad Lock has developed the ULTIMATE lineup of smartphone mounting capabilities. Starting off they provide a secure handlebar mount, allowing you convenient positioning for prime viewing of your smartphone, included is the extension arm, allowing you to expand your mounting possibilities. Also available is for all the moto mounts is the Quad Lock’s Vibration Dampener, providing extra stabilization of your smartphone.

The Quad Lock Mirror mount is another great way to safely position your smartphone, and for those of you who have an existing RAM mount the Quad Lock 1″ ball adapter makes it quick and easy to start using your new Quad Lock case. For those of you that require a fork/stem mount Quad Lock has developed the perfect solution with their adjustable mount.

The best part of all the Moto and Cycle mounts is the piece of mind knowing your smartphone device will be securely held and positioned during your next excursion, all thanks to the well-designed Quad Lock patented locking mechanism!

Final thoughts on the quad lock smartphone mounting system

Although I have been testing out the Quad Lock products for the past month, and counting, I knew even with my first initial unboxing of these mounts, just by the feel and design that they are a step above anything I had tried before, for smartphone mounts. This is the FULL system of interchangeable smartphone mounts I had been hoping to discover, not just because of the secure mounting features but how seamless it is to switch from one product to the next, all in my small van space, the Quad Lock mounts make my everyday life so much smoother. This system will definitely be my go-to for the foreseeable.

quad lock outsidevibes gear review | Outsidevibes

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