My Summer in Toronto

As I was nearing the end of my physical therapy sessions at home, Emma and I talked about me spending summer in Toronto with her.
My Summer in Toronto

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As I was nearing the end of my physical therapy sessions, Emma and I talked about me spending summer in Toronto (She was in school and I at home so we had not seen each other in months). Not knowing what I was going to do this summer and wanting to see her, I booked a round trip flight which gave me exactly 8 weeks of summer in Toronto.

Toronto Canada
Oh, hi Canada

My Summer in Toronto

Overall my time in Toronto was fun, but like everything, it had highs and lows. Like staying anywhere long term, by the end of my time in Toronto, it was difficult for me to leave. I had a nice healthy routine set up, exercising and spending time next to the waterfront. Plus it was great to finally see Emma again. I definitely stayed busy those 8 weeks and the time flew by fast.

Toronto Icecream
Don’t know is she was happy to finally see me or icecream
Purdy Lake Cottege Ontario
Celebrating Canada Day!

Up until I left for Canada I was struggling to get over my winter/ injury depression. Therapy started to help and the weather was finally turning warmer, but I continued to feel confined to the house and I still was not physically feeling healthy. Going to Toronto helped immensely with my mindset. It got me out of the house and interacting with people again.

Canada Family
Visiting Emma’s family
Toronto Skyline
Going on my daily walk by the lake

During those first few weeks in Toronto, I felt very refreshed with my new atmosphere. I spent my days going on walks, rollerblading and even started rock climbing at a gym nearby. The evenings I spent with Emma and her father or if Emma was working I made my way to Starbucks so I could work on Outsidevibes.

Rollerblading Toronto
Rollerblading and therapy helped me a lot
Boulderz Climbing Center Toronto
Learning a new hobby!

I celebrated Emma’s birthday by going to her best friend’s cottage for the weekend, but unfortunately not everything in Toronto was celebrations, Emma’s grandma in Scotland took sick and her father had to fly over. I know this was very hard on them both. I am glad that I was there to help Emma during this time of sadness, it was a tough few weeks for her. My grandma passed away this spring so I know how difficult the situation is to deal with. With Emma’s father gone back home to Scotland I helped take care of the house and I spent some time fixing up the yard for a surprise when he returned.

Wasaga Beach Tiny Ontario
Cottage road trip
Wasaga Beach Tiny Ontario
Too much sun and fun!
Wasaga Beach Tiny Ontario
Happy Canadian

June came and went in a blur, I was finally able to start running again from my injuries and I spent even more time in the climbing gym. I worked less on Outsidevibes but enjoyed my time outside. I did spent a lot of time with Emma’s cousins and friends, allowing me to create friendships of my own.

Purdy lake Ontario
Enjoying Canada Day at the cottage
Summer Toronto
Lots of summer pool time
Toronto Waterfront Cycling Trail
Check out the Toronto Waterfront Cycling trail

Next thing I knew Canada Day was here, July 1st, meaning I only had two weeks left in Toronto. We spent the holiday at Emma’s grandparents cottage in northern Ontario. After that weekend the rest of my time in July seemed to be one activity after another. I was making the most out of the fantastic weather and summer days.

Purdy Lake Ontario
First time windsurfing! Yeah it was with a kids board
Purdy Lake Ontario
Cottage time with Darcy and Emma

I went to a Trevor Hall concert and Emma and I went to The Dave Matthews Band concert. We went axe throwing and to a cabaret show, that one of Emma’s co-worker was in. I found some epic biking trails along the water and drank a lot of beer with Emma’s cousins!

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Toronto
Enjoying some beach time

Final Thoughts

I haven’t spent that many summers away from home, even when traveling, somehow I always ended up back in North Dakota for the summer. Granted this trip to Toronto was only the beginning of the summer, it was the perfect start to summer. I had heaps of fun, relaxed a bit and worked on healing myself.

If you want to learn more about my summer activities visit the Destination Canada page or check out my Axe Throwing experience!

Flying from Toronto
Flying home

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