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We reviewed Mobile the ULTIMATE interchangeable phone accessory system! Literally, these adaptors will take your phone to another level. Created by the awesome folks at Peak Design, their new Mobile Ecosystem is not just designed for creators or photographers but for EVERY phone user!
Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Accessory Ecosystem Gear Review Outsidevibes

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Wow, was my opening reaction after diving into the Mobile Ecosystem. And diving deep is what I did. When I learned that Peak Design was launching a smartphone case, I was intrigued, Peak Design is a big, and well respected, name in the photographer industry.

Not only did I learn their Kickstarter campaign is for a phone case it’s for like 300,000 accessories as well! Okay so not quite THAT many accessories, but the list of quick release mounts and phone accessories is extensive, they came up with some neat items that I can’t wait to stick my phone too.

Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Accessory Ecosystem Gear Review Outsidevibes

Peak Design

Mobile Ecosystem
  • 12 interchangeable mounts
  • Quick release, MagSafe Magnets
  • Slim and Durable
  • Currently Kickstarter Only
  • Won't ship until next year
Outsidevibes Rating
Smartphone Accessories 96%

About Mobile by Peak Design

A company completely built upon the crowdfunding atmosphere, Peak Design has been at the top of camera accessory industry since its inception. With the Mobile Ecosystem, they are officially entering the smartphone accessory world! (also this is their 10th Kickstarter campaign!) Mobile has been created to as a grouping of mounts, cases, chargers, and accessories that will completely up your smartphone game!

Admit it we use our smartphone constantly, they are such incredible instruments, they can do almost anything, without much help…Peak Design launched Mobile as the ultimate solution for accessorizing your smartphone. Cycling across the country? Cooking up the most flavorful meal ever? Video calling or sunset recording? Don’t worry about it! With 12 mounts Mobile has your creative outlets and everyday activities covered.

Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Accessory Ecosystem Gear Review Outsidevibes
Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Accessory Ecosystem

Outsidevibes Gear Review

My smartphone accessory game has been lacking the past few years. I’ve only really used a Popsocket, for day to day life, or my Lifeproof armband while running. Well I DID use my Lifeproof until my phone was stolen last year, I have yet to shell out the cash to replace the phone mount for the armband. So now with the opportunity to check out the new Peak Design system I’m quite stoked!

I always have my phone on me and being a nomadic digital creator there have been a few instances where I’m like dang I wish I had this or that to capture a unique scene with my phone…and now it’s possible all in on system. I’m quite stoked about the Car Mount, (hello campervan build!) the Charging Stand is so slick, the ability to wirelessly charge your phone and grab quickly, thanks to the new Magsafe magnetic connectors. Also the Creator Kit would be the perfect hands free tool for when I’m getting deep into the mountain peaks!

Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Accessory Ecosystem Gear Review Outsidevibes

The Mobile Ecosystem by Peak Design is elegantly crafted. Every piece uses the advanced MagSafe magnetic connectors, which are packed into an ultra slim and strong system. The Moto mount or universal Bike mount allow you to attach your phone to your favorite two wheeled cycle, downhill mountain biking or an afternoon riding the mount holds securely.

Not just accessories Mobile is also smartphone case or comes as an adaptor that attaches to your existing phone case. The Mobile case is, again, ultra slim (2.4mm) drop protected and weather resistant. The adaptor case adheres to your existing case, with an extreme adhesive. The look is sleek, a neutral black/grey case.

Everything about this latest Peak Design product is expertly crafted and well thought out. The pieces are crafted with premium materials and offer a lifetime product warranty.

Product Feature List

Everyday Case

The backbone of the Mobile Ecosystem, the Everyday smartphone case, is designed for the latest Iphone (11+12) and Samsung (Galaxy S20) models.

The slim 2.4mm profile does not add much size to your mobile device and yet it is durable enough to protect your smartphone from drops and weather. Made of a nylon canvas the Everyday Case is processionally thought out. Magsafe and wireless charging have you ready for the future of smartphone cases.

Mobile Everyday Smartphone Case Peak Design Nylon Build
Slim Nylon Smartphone Case

Universal Adapter

Being a brand new Kickstarter product, the main phone case by Peak Design is geared towards newer model smartphones but that does not mean any phone owner can not enjoy this awesome product. Peak Design also developed the Universal Adaptor kit, which allows you access to their full ecosystem no matter your smartphone type.

This adhesive back adaptor can be placed on top of any existing case or case free smartphone. Designed with the ultra-strong 3m VBH adhesive, this minimal adaptor will be secured to your device no matter what.

Also featuring the same slim, nylon mesh design and Magsafe quick connect as the Everyday case the Universal Adapter gives you access to loads of neat features.

Mobile Tripod

Kickstand mode, tripod mode, Facetime go, Time-lapse wooo… The quick connect Mobile Tripod is probably the slimmest, and sleekest, smartphone tripod I have come across.

Gone are the days of the little pop-out thing or full attached tripod. Peak Design has really developed something amazing with this tripod. Running theme is slim and this tripod is completely inline with that. Articulating ball head and even an adjustment key give you the ability to do way more than other phone case tripods.

1 GIF Mobile Tripod 2 | Outsidevibes

Kickstand Wallet

I’ll say it straight out, I am not a fan of phone case wallets. I tend to loose things, or have phones stolen, therefore I do not want my wallet and phone together haha. For those of you that do like the ease of combining your credit cards and phone the Peak Design smartphone Kickstand wallet attachment is probably great for you.

It can hold 7 cards, including a specific ID sleeve and has a kickstand feature.


Peak Design Mobile Kickstand Wallet
Mobile Kickstand Wallet

Car Mount

Definitely a needed accessory for my upcoming van adventure, this small car mount is so handy. Most car mounts are either bulky or they can’t hold today’s smartphone properly. The quick connect Magsafe removes both of those qualities.

Like everything else in the Mobile Ecosystem, this car mount takes up little to no dash space and adheres with the same ultra-strong 3M adhesive as the Universal adaptor phone case.

Out-Front Bike Mount

I don’t cycle or bike often, except around town a bit, but one thing I constantly worry about while riding around is my phone falling out of my pocket. Peak Design is offering two different bicycle mounts with their Mobile Ecosystem and this first one, the Out-Front bike mount is my favorite. Like I said I don’t bike much but I do create a lot of content and the neat thing with the Out-Front bike mount is not only the ability to securely hold your smartphone but also that you can mount a Go-Pro on it simultaneously.

If you don’t have a Go-Pro the mount is set up for any device that takes that style hookup, could be a bike light or different action camera. For those of you deep into the cycling world you are also able to attach a bike computer to the Out-Front bike mount.

Universal Bike Mount

“Easily installed on most tubey things.” I think that quote sums up how the Universal Bike Mount excels. The folks at Peak Design have it correct when they said that, this mount is easily adjustable for any bar-typed device, golf cart, bike, stroller, and attaches instantly and securely as well.

Wall Mount

Probably the neatest accessory of the whole Mobile Ecosystem, and a smartphone accessory that I have never thought about, the Wall Mount is so cool. I always have my phone on me in the house, either playing music from my UE Boom or streaming some sort of video. I’m constantly trying to prop up my phone while cooking or eating and this wall mount system solves all of that.

Also it would be cool to have a few of these scattered around the house to use for working out, or place my phone away from me when disconnecting or at nighttime sleeping.

Wireless Charging Stand

Simple yet super advanced, the Wireless Charging Stand is a great addition to my work desk. I can just pop my phone on it for easy reach to answer emails or send absurd GIF memes.

Imbued with the latest Magsafe wireless charging technology this foldable stand is leaps better than searching for a phone cord and pug to charge up your smartphone.

Motorcycle Bar Mount

I know scooters not motorcycles, SE Asia life, so my intimate knowledge on what would be cool for the hog is lacking. These next two smartphone mounts are pretty cool and if you enjoy open-aired trips on the road, I think helpful for your smartphone as well.

The Motorcycle Bar Mount by Peak Design attaches to handlebars 7/8″ – 1.25″ in diameter. Locks and rotates into 24 different places and has a removable arm for a more streamlined design as well.


Motorcycle Stem Mount

As per the last Moto mount, I do not know how this works but if your bike has a hollow steering stem this mount attaches there, giving you easy, and secure access to your smartphone.

Mobile Creator Kit

Diving more into the main stream product line that Peak Design is used to creating, the Mobile Creator Kit, is a slick quick attach adaptor for your smartphone. Using the universal mount off the Mobile phone case the Creator attachment gives you the ability to securely mount your phone to a tripod, Go-Pro attachment point, or your Capture Camera clip.

Quick Look into the Mobile Ecosystem by Peak Design

Peak Design Mobile Smartphone System | Outsidevibes
Check it out here!

Final Thoughts on the Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem

I feel that Peak Design has come up with the ultimate smartphone accessories, not only are they designed with longevity and quality in mind they have incorporated the Mobile Ecosystem to truly be multi-functional and quickly interchangeable.

I live on my smartphone, I use it to do a wide variety of tasks, so having these accessories is so awesome for me, the uses I can put them to are almost endless.

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