How to Successfully Work Abroad

If you want to live overseas or you want to extend you current travels here is the best list to help you successfully work abroad!

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Do you daydream about seeing the world?

Working abroad is one of the best ways to see the world and there are plenty of websites looking for help or volunteers. Some of the most common work abroad is, working at a hostel, joining a yacht crew, becoming an aupair, working on farm, teaching English as a second language or even house and pet sitting.

  • Wild Tip: When finding work online always be careful, ask questions and do some research to make sure it is legitimate. Also don’t take a job or volunteer if you feel uncomfortable.

Working Abroad


I love using Workaway, it is my go to site for working abroad. Workaway is a yearly pay for service that connects travelers to various jobs around the world. You do not need an account to browse or search, you only need to pay and sign up if you want to contact a host.

On my last two trips abroad I paid for an account, During my first trip, I was traveling too fast and wanted to see everything, so I never made use of my account. It wasn’t until my most recent trip that I got completely hooked on Workaway. My girlfriend and I created a shared account and we found some great opportunities. My latest experience with Workaway was dog-sitting 3 awesome miniature poodles in Indonesia!

Workaway’s platform is easy to use and they have a reputable list of hosts. It costs $34 USD per year for an individual membership or $44 USD per year for a couple or shared account.


HelpX is another well known volunteering website. When I first started traveling I had and account through them but I actually never used it to find work.

HelpX is geared more towards farming and eco jobs. They offer a free account option, which is okay, but you are unable to contact the hosts directly and you can’t see all of the listings. If you want full access to the website you need to pay 20 Euros for 2 years of access. Not being able to see all the listings before signing up has turned me away from this service in favor of Workaway.

austrailiaWorking Holiday Visa

Compared to the rest of the world U.S. Citizens do not share a working holiday program with many countries. But if you are looking to work abroad in a more traditional job and make some good money, a working holiday visa is what you should look into.

Australia and New Zealand are the best options for most U.S. Citizens trying to obtain a working holiday visa. You only need to be between the age of 18-30 years old and can provide that you have sufficient funds to support yourself if you cannot find work.

new zealandBoth Australia and New Zealand have pros and cons for working, New Zealand is smaller and stunning for outdoor activities but Australia has more job opportunities and higher wages. Honestly, either option will be a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.

The other countries that have a work exchange program with U.S. Citizens are Ireland, Singapore, South Korea, but these countries have have stricter acceptance regulations than Australia and New Zealand. Along with individual stipulations, you need to be enrolled in a post secondary degree or have just graduated from a post secondary institution and are between the age of 18-24.

Final Thoughts

If you are in university and are thinking about finding work abroad, you have a few more choices for a working holiday visa. If you are someone just backpacking along, I would definitely look into Workaway to find some fun volunteer opportunities.

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