Hotel Kia Ora Resort

Our time at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort, on Raingiroa, was two days of pure relaxing bliss. This was the highlight of my two month French Polynesia Adventure.
Hotel Kia Ora Resort

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Our time at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort was two days of pure relaxing bliss. Nearing the end of our two month French Polynesia camping adventure, Emma decided to splurge and treat us with this once in a lifetime getaway.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Drone shot from Emma of our sweet bungalow!
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Relaxing in our private pool!

Coming off of long weeks island hopping and living out of our MSR tent Emma kept hinting that we were in the honeymoon capital of the world and how nice it would be to experience a resort in paradise. She eventually realized that, I being dense and cheap when it comes to travel accommodation, was not going initiate us staying at a resort.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Emma and the infinity pool

We were having such a horrible camping experience on Rangiroa that Emma decided to take initiative and book us a two night stay at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort before going to our next island destination.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Dipping toes into our private pool
Hotel Kia Ora Resort
We got free welcome coral wine!

It was surreal coming from our camping hostel to the luxury of Hotel Kia Ora. We were handed flower lays as we were picked up in an air-con vehicle and whisked across the atoll to the resort. Once at the resort we were immediately handed juice refreshments and damp towels as the staff took our backpacks to our bungalow.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Private ride from our bad campground
Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Excited not to be tenting

After going over the basics on what Hotel Kia Ora offers its guests, Emma and I were transported to our bungalow with instructions that if we needed anything to make sure and let somebody know.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Staying somewhere with a key and doors!

Even though I am a broke backpacker, I’ve stayed in a few resorts before, but nothing came close to the luxury I felt when stepping into our air cooled room after almost two months of living in a tent. Emma and I were like little kids with new toys, excited about everything. “Look how big that bed is!” “Ooo we have slippers and robes!” “This room is massive and oh we have our own pool!” Everything was so nice and tidy, we did not want to touch anything, mess it up or make it dirty.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
An actual bed to spread out on
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Everything is so clean
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Private pool!

Following our initial wave of awe and must have photos, of the undisturbed room, we popped open our complimentary bottle of local Rangiroa coral wine and hopped into our private pool. It seemed like months of unseen weight was immediately lifted off of my shoulders as I relaxed in the sunshine of our private bungalow.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Bungalow
Swimming in sunshine and smiles

That first afternoon we enjoyed our bungalow before joining the Hotel Kia Ora evening dolphin watching tour. Us along with a few other guests received a ride to the Tiputa Pass, were during most sunsets you might catch a glimpse of dolphins playing.

Tiputa Pass
Dolphin hunting

The dolphins did not feel like playing that evening but Emma and I did met a nice couple from the US. They have stayed at Hotel Kia Ora before and they gave us tips to walk down the road if we wanted to buy cheap snacks or booze instead of spending money on the resort. With cheap beer on my mind, I left Emma to chat, while I went to find the store for some drinks.

Tiputa Pass
The local brew, Hinano beer

We returned to our room from dolphin watching for a drink. After, Emma and I went down to the resort’s main restaurant and had the best food we had tasted in months. Camping these last few weeks, we have been living off of a very limited die. Being able to order certain things that we had been craving was phenomenal. We savored our food and a few cocktails, feeling delectably spoiled.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Fancy dining
Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Good thing I had one nice shirt in my backpack!
Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Yum! Way better than peanut butter baguettes

That night we turned on the AC, piled on our blankets and slept as far apart from each other as we could, spreading out for the first time in weeks. It was a fantastic night of sleep.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort
Hammock naps

The next day Emma and I got up for another phenomenal meal before wandering around and exploring more of Hotel Kia Ora. We took quite a few pictures of the grounds, some drone videos and made an afternoon relaxing in the resort pool.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Overwater bungalows
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Random couple
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Pool area
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Waterfront bungalows

I went for a snorkel around the over water bungalows and enjoyed sunshine on the beach. Emma and I went for a walk before sunset, wanting to see more of this part of the atoll and hoping to see the dolphins in the pass.

Hotel Kia Ora Bungalow
Couldn’t get enough of our pool
Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Exploring around

Emma and I had one more fantastic dinner, another great night of sleep and a quick breakfast before our resort time was up, the fantasy was over and next we were on a plane to Tikehau, back to tenting life.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Flying over the resort, now Tikihau bound!

Final Thoughts

Staying at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort was nothing short of magical, being at a proper resort in one of the most beautiful and remote places on the planet became the highlight of our time spent in French Polynesia.

If you are planning a trip to French Polynesia make sure to visit the Destination French Polynesia page for more travel information to this sunning destination. If resorts and scuba diving are you thing make sure to check out the Hotel Kia Ora Resort!

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa
Emma loving life away from the tent

Hotel Kia Ora Resort Rangiroa


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