El Mirador Walking Trail

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through San Miguel de Allende with my El Mirador Walking Trail. This post will share with you a fantastic route to get some great views and photos of San Miguel de Allende. This picturesque city is home to many enjoyable sites and boutique shops.
San Miguel de Allende Mexico

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Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the cobbled streets of San Miguel de Allende with my fantastic El Mirador Walking Trail. This post will show you the best route, allowing you to see the highlights of San Miguel de Allende.

El Mirador Walking Trail
My El Mirador Walking Trail

El Mirador walking trail

My El Mirador walking trail starts at the Church of Immaculate Conception. This part of the walk you will be passing many small restaurants and a few shops before reaching the local artisan market. Where you can find fantastic hand crafted items.

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de Allende
The streets along this trail are stunning

Once you are out front of the Church of Immaculate Conception head east and take your first left. You will follow this street for one block before taking a right, heading east again. Follow along for two block and then turn left, this time heading north. From here you keep along the road until you reach the Mercado de Artesanias.

Mercado de Artesanias or the artisan market is a massive dual level area filled with local and regional hand crafted items. The whole of the market is so diverse, no matter what you are looking for or didn’t know you were looking for you will find here.

In leaving the artisan market you will actually be headed to another “market” but this one is more of a shopping market than a hand craft one.

From there you will be wandering south past two small but well decorated parks. You will see a few well designed Catholic Churches before entering the Plaza de la Soledad. The Plaza de la Soledad is a great place to have a rest and a snack if you need one.

San Miguel de Allende
Finding parks along the way
San Miguel de Allende
Finding historical architecture along the trail

The El Mirador walking trail then continues south winding through stunning small cobbled and colorfully painted streets. Following along Calle Recreo, this street gives you a great view of the Templo de San Francisco standing above the buildings. Along this street is a car park with a public restroom. If your inclined you can make a quick stop at the Plaza de Toros, the bull fighting ring, or if not you will head east up my secret street, Montes de Oca. This small avenue has a fantastic view of the Archangel church before you hit the main road that takes you to the El Mirador overlook!

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de Allende
So many nice views along the El Mirador walking trail

Once you have your fill of this stunning view the next part of my El Mirador walking trail takes you through one of San Miguel de Allende’s largest parks before ending at the crown gem of the city, the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de Allende
View of San Miguel de Allende from El Mirador

Heading south from El Mirador you take your first right, opposite the Hotel Mirador Allende, you will decend a hand full of steps, passing by a church and through a small park before reaching Juarez Park. This park deceptively large and a nice break from small streets and traffic. Make sure to relax while making your way through, and once your done make your way north along Aldama street. This last section will leave you at the highlight of San Miguel de Allende the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.

San Miguel de Allende
Getting lost in Juarez Park

Which is the perfect place to be. Here you can take a rest, enjoy some food or shop if you still have energy. I would recommend grabbing a bench and watching the sunset. The area around the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel only picks up when the sun is down.

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de Allende
Following my favorite cobbled street
San Miguel de Allende
The Archangel church always dominates the skyline

Final Thoughts

The views along this walking path are incredible and it is a fantastic morning activity. Along this path you will get you the best views of the city, while ending in the historical center just in time for lunch and some boutique shopping.

I hope you enjoyed my short El Mirador walking trail guide, for more information on exploring this area of Mexico visit my 2 Week Backpacking Guide or check out my Destination Mexico page.

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de Allende
Bull fighting ring San Miguel de Allende

El Mirador Walking Trail San Miguel de AllendeSocial

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