Cheap Drinks in Puerto Vallarta

If you find yourself walking along the Malecon and would like to save a few pesos on adult beverages this list is for you. These are the best places for a cheap drink in Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallara Malecon
On the hunt for a good bar

16 Peso Margaritas

If traditional, on the rocks, margaritas are you thing these are the top 3 places to snag one for cheap! Only 16 pesos a drink!

Day off Beach Bar – Starting off your margarita crawl, located next to the water, this is a great place to watch the sunset. As it sets you can even catch your favorite sports game on one of their few big screen tv’s. Day off Beach Bar does not have the best tasting margaritas on the list, they taste like they came out of a jug of pre-mixed flavoring, but they are cheap and a great way to ease into the night.

El Patron – The next stop on the list is up on a second floor of a building. If you are lucky enough to get a balcony seat this is a great place to people watch and waste a few hours enjoying the nice ocean breeze. El Patron has a nice, calm atmosphere and the staff is fantastic, they actually gave me the tip about the late night stop at the end of this list!
The margarita’s are super strong and very good! I went here more than once for their 16 peso slice of deliciousness.

Oasis Bay – If your still able to walk the last margarita stop is located just past El Patron. Oasis Bay has a nice atmosphere and a good soundtrack, plus if your hungry the cheese plate is not too bad. Literally a hot skillet of cheese and a stack of soft tortilla shells is all.
The 16 peso margaritas here are salty and strong. Probably the best on the list, or they tasted that way because of the handful I had before arriving.

Cheap Cervezas

If you don’t fancy margaritas but you still want to enjoy a cold drink La Langosta Loca is the place to visit. Here you can get a bucket of 6 beers for 100 pesos! On top of the cheap, cold beer they have tables directly on the beach and balcony spots upstairs. Either way this is a great place to watch the sunset!

  • Wild Tip: Behind La Langosta Loca is an OXXO, so if you just want to grab beers on your own and to chill on the beach its easy!

When the main restaurants and bars close, or if you just fancy karaoke, you need to make a stop at Karaoke Liberty. This is where the local restaurant workers go after a long shift to unwind. Well actually anyone who loves cheep beer and karaoke shows up to Karaoke Liberty! Here you can find buckets of 10 beers for 150 pesos or 5 beers for 75 pesos. This special runs Monday – Friday and only before midnight. Since this is the late night party spot odds are good that you can come across a cheap late-night drink special too.

Cheap Drinks Puerto Vallarta
A sunset beer is a good beer
Cheap Drinks Puerto Vallarta
Cheap beach beers

Final Thoughts

There you go, my list to some of the best and cheapest drinks in Puerto Vallarta! I might have made this route a couple of times during my stay along the Malecon, but I had a blast each time! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite bar in Puerto Vallarta is!

Puerto Vallarta
Late night tourist session, after a few margaritas

Cheap Drinks in Puerto Vallarta


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