Best ATM’s in Puerto Escondido

These are the best ATM's in Puerto Escondido. No matter what bank you use you always want to be on the safe side when withdrawing money.
Best ATM's in Puerto Escondido

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Unfortunately getting skimmed out of cash by an ATM happens. Not just in Mexico but all around the world. ATM cash thieves are well set up and their methods are diabolically clever. During my 3 months living in Puerto Escondido I met a guy that got charged but did not get his money dispensed from an ATM and a girl who’s card was “eaten”, not ejected from the ATM when the transaction was finished. Personally when traveling I find a secure ATM and stick with using the same one. With that said here are the ATM’s in Puerto Escondido.


The HSBC bank located opposite Papa Tots, my favorite eatery in Puerto Escondido, on Calle Tercera Pie and Primera Nte was my go-to ATM in town. This ATM was the most secure I found throughout Puerto Escondido, plus it gave me an excuse to eat at Papa Tots. It’s an easy Collectivo ride to get to, just get off when the Collectivo turns north towards the market, at the Pemex gas station. I found myself coming up there quite often for the nearby co-working space or to get groceries at SuperChe.


My number 2 ATM spot is located inside my most frequently visited place in Puerto Escondido, the SuperChe grocery store, I lived for the freshly made 1 peso buns. Even though I came here often I only actually got money out of the ATM one time here, preferring to get money from HSBC. There are 3 or 4 ATM’s in total, from various banks and the ATM’s are extremely secure, next to the teller line inside the grocery store.


I never took money out of an OXXO while staying in Puerto Escondido but I have taken money out in other cities in Mexico. I usually avoid doing so, but in a pinch I will take out money in a convince store. I only avoid it because not every OXXO has an ATM and it’s annoying having to visit a handful until you find one that does. I feel they are less secure than a bank, even though they are inside a monitored convince store but better than just finding an ATM on the street.

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Final Thoughts About ATM's in Puerto Escondido

As ATM’s abroad goes these are the best ATM’s in Puerto Escondido. No matter what bank you use you always want to be on the safe side when withdrawing money. Avoid taking out cash on the street and especially if the ATM is just a standalone sitting outside. For me I made an effort to use the HSBC bank, I didn’t need to visit often and I planned my withdrawals to when I knew I would be going to that part of town.

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