Air Tahiti Multi Island Flight Pass

Flying is the easiest way to experience French Polynesia. With the Air Tahiti Multi Island flight pass you can visit various islands for a discounted price.
Air Tahiti Multi Island Flight Pass

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Flying is the easiest way to experience the paradise that is French Polynesia. The great thing about flying in French Polynesia is that most flights take 10 – 20 minutes! During my 2 months here, the longest flight I had was less than 2 hours. With the Air Tahiti Multi Island flight pass you can visit French Polynesia’s best islands for a discounted price.

Air Tahiti
Flying with Air Tahiti

Currently there are 8 different Multi Island flight passes to 4 of French Polynesia’s archipelagos. Each flight pass will take you to a handful of stunning islands. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you! And if you can’t find the perfect air pass, you can customize your own route.

Flying over French Polynesia
Flying past Bora Bora
Flying over French Polynesia
Beautiful atolls
Air Tahiti
Papeete Airport

When booking an Air Tahiti Multi Island flight pass you must start and end your pass in Tahiti or Moorea. You can only visit each selected island once before finishing your air pass. The longest duration your pass can be good for is 28 days. If you are staying in French Polynesia longer you will need multiple air passes or to book individual flights. With Air Tahiti you are allowed 1 carry on item of 5 kg or less and one checked bag of 23 kg or less.

Air Tahiti Baggage
Checked bag restrictions
Air Tahiti Baggage
Baggage restrictions
  • Wild Tip: Be careful, your carry on luggage might be weighed. If you are over 5 kg you have to move stuff into your checked bag or pay a fee. Mine carry on was over weight but I talked my way out of the fee, because my carry on was camera gear and electronics. Overweight baggage fees vary depending on the airport but most are quite expensive, 400 xpf to over 2,000 xpf per kilogram.


  • Wild Tip: When you start your air pass you are able to change the specific day of your flight for free, just not the destination. You can change the destination but for a fee.


  • Wild Tip: If you are booking a flight while you are in French Polynesia, flights and multi island passes are priced cheaper than out of country but you are more restricted on your luggage weight. You are only allowed 9 kg for your checked bag. Your carry on item stays the same at 5 kg.


  • Wild Tip: If you are already in French Polynesia and you now want to book a flight or book the Air Tahiti Multi island flight pass and you have more than 9 kg of luggage, you must book your flight online using a VPN. You could call an out of country travel agent to book for you but using a VPN is the best choice. Change your location to somewhere out of the country, you will then get the different rate and increased luggage amount. Calling Air Tahiti or going to an office does not work for getting the increased luggage.
Air Tahiti Flight
Loading baggage

Make sure you have travel insurance when booking your return flight home from French Polynesia or to your next travel destination, air strikes are common in French Polynesia. You do not want to be stranded on an island, missing your flight out of the country.

Air Tahiti Flights
There was an Air Tahiti strike and canceled flights during our time in French Polynesia

Flying with Air Tahiti might not be the cheapest way to get around French Polynesia but it is the most convenient. Flying over this part of the world is completely stunning, words cannot describe the beauty of the island dotted ocean from the air.

Air Tahiti Flight
Huahine Airport

Final Thoughts

If you are visiting French Polynesia for a short time or you know what islands you want to see, I would recommend booking the Multi Island flight pass to save money. If you are spending a lot of time here, you plan on joining a sailing crew or hopping on a cargo ship, a one way flight is still a decent option to at least get to your main destination.

For more travel tips visit the Destination French Polynesia page or check out my Taking Cargo Boats in French Polynesia guide.

Tikihau French Polynesia
Tikihau motus

Air Tahiti Multi Island Pass French Polynesia


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