4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido

My mouth is watering just remembering all of the delicious tacos I ate over the 3 months I lived here. These are the 4 best taco places in Puerto Escondido!
4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido

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My mouth is watering just remembering all the delicious tacos I ate during my 3 months living in Puerto Escondido! During that time I went to dozens upon dozens of restaurants and street stands sampling this handheld delicacy. Here are the few that kept me coming back for more, the 4 best taco places in Puerto Escondido.

4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido
Tacos and Guac!

Dorodo Club

Flavors and food. This taco was the most filling and flavorful taco I had in all of my 3 months in Puerto Escondido. The portion size alone makes it worth eating here but add the fact that is has so much flavor and heaped with fresh ingredients this taco can’t be compared. Since the fish is not breaded or deep fried this taco leaves you feeling refreshed afterward, even if you are stuffed full.

El Viejo

Smoked Fish tacos at El Viejo – Oh man smoked meat. I come from a small town where we smoke our own sausage and jerky so finding a place with smoked meat I had to immediately eat here. Hands down the smoked tuna taco tickled my feel goods. I could eat this taco every day and I would have except I have to have like 3 or more to get full and they are a bit pricy at 45 pesos a piece.

4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido

La Punta

Fish Tacos at La Punta – This place isn’t on Google Maps and I believe the hand painted sign just says Fish Tacos on it. It might not look like much, besides a small stand in an empty lot, but if you want some top notch fish tacos, and the cheapest eats in La Punta, head on over. Located on Brisas street, opposite of La Cabanita.


This stand is only open in the evening for dinner, after 6 or 7pm.

Unnammed Beach Stand

The last on the list is a brand new taco stand that just opened before I left Puerto Escondido. It’s not on google maps and I did not have my phone whenever I ate here, so obviously I cant remember the name, but it is located directly opposite the police station in La Punta. The taco was a little thin, with only shrimp and cabbage as a filling, but man the flavor was incredible. I had the non-breaded strip taco cooked in a red wine vinaigrette. The red wine made the simplicity of the taco pop, I couldn’t get enough.

Final thoughts on best taco places in Puerto Escondido

I‘m sure after reading about the 4 best taco places in Puerto Escondido your mouth is watering and you can’t wait to get down there and try some of these flavorful treats. These places have the best tacos in town you won’t be disappointed!

4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido
In search of the best fish taco!

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