17 Photos of Indonesia’s 3D City

Located in the Javanese city of Malang. Kampung Tridi, also known as Indonesia's 3D city is a brightly painted neighborhood created to raise awareness about poverty, recycling and water contamination.
Kampung Tridi Rasta Malang

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Located in the Javanese city of Malang, Kampung Tridi is a neighborhood filled with brightly painted streets and crazy murals. This “3D City” is quickly becoming the local tourist hot spot in this old Dutch city.

Kampung Tridi Malang

Kampung Tridi 3D city Malang

Jaws Artwork Kampung Tridi

Kampung Tridi Buildings

Kampung Tridi Streets

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Finding Nemo Artwork Kampung Tridi Wild West Saloon Artwork Kampung Tridi

Frozen Artwork Kampung Tridi Monkey Art Kampung Tridi

Kampung Tridi 3D Artwork

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Kampung Tridi Artwork Kampung Tridi and Jodipan Kampung Tridi

Kampung Tridi Kampung Tridi Love

Kampung Tridi Artwork

Final Thoughts

Ihope you enjoyed these 17 Photos of Indonesia’s 3D City! Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about this hidden gem. If you want to learn more about Indonesia check out my Destination Indonesia page.

Kampung Tridi

Photos of Indonesia 3D City Kampung Tridi


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