More Adventures

Toronto Waterfront Cycling Trail

If you are in the mood for something to do, grab your bicycle, some friends and get lost by the water on the Toronto Waterfront Cycling Trail!

My First Axe Throwing Experience

My random evening spent axe throwing in Toronto was one of pure fun and hidden carnal enjoyment when I heard the axe thud into the hanging wood target.

Escape the City – Colonel Samuel Smith Park

If you need a break from Toronto’s downtown or your weekly office grind, an escape out to Colonel Samuel Smith Park is a fantastic way to unwind.

Learning to Climb with Boulderz Climbing Center

Learning to climb has always been an interest of mine and needless to say growing up on the flat plains of North Dakota climbing is not a common activity.

An Evening with Trevor Hall

I was stoked to find out that Trevor Hall would be performing during my time in Toronto. So I made sure to make my way down to the Mod Club for his concert.

Getting Robbed in French Polynesia

Getting robbed while traveling is something that happens more frequent than not but I was not expecting it the night it happened in French Polynesia.
Hotel Kia Ora Resort

Hotel Kia Ora Resort

Our time at the Hotel Kia Ora Resort, on Raingiroa, was two days of pure relaxing bliss. This was the highlight of my two month French Polynesia Adventure.
My French Polynesia Adventure Part 2 - The Tuamotu Islands

My French Polynesia Adventure Part 2 – The Tuamotu Islands

The Tuamotu Islands are a collection of long, flat atolls, which are mostly barren and surround by a harsh ocean reef. Known mostly for fantastic diving.
My French Polynesia Adventure Part 1 - The Society Islands

My French Polynesia Adventure Part 1 – The Society Islands

Home to honeymooners and luxury, I tried to explore the Society Islands on a backpackers budget, making this my first stop in French Polynesia.
Spending two months in French Polynesia

Spending two months in French Polynesia

As travel time goes one month in a country is a long time, so spending two months in French Polynesia, an expensive island destination,...
Downside to My French Polynesia Backpacking Adventure

Downside to My French Polynesia Backpacking Adventure

French Polynesia is the most exclusive, expensive and beautiful place I have ever been in the world. This area basically coined the term over water bungalows but my French Polynesia backpacking adventure was not all beauty.
Guadalajara Mexico

Mexico Adventure with my Mother

I recently got back from my Mexico adventure with my mother. I owed her a vacation after our Malaysian adventure got canceled last fall. We spent 2 weeks backpacking around Central Mexico, enjoying the warm weather, tequila and mariachi music!
My Rarotonga Adventure

My Rarotonga Adventure

Rarotonga Island, which is apart of the Cook Island archipelago, was my first experience and taste of island life in the South Pacific.
My Cook Island Injury

My Cook Island Injury

This was the year of injuries and they all started with my Cook Island injury. I was only a few days into my new RTW adventure when it happened.
Hetch Hetchy California National

My First Time Visiting California

This was my first time visiting California and I did not know what to expect. Needless to say it blew my mind away and I had a blast on my 2 week adventure, camper-vanning, seeing old friends and meeting some of my girlfriends family for the first time.
Yosemite Valley California

Campervanning California’s National Parks

I had such a blast campervanning California's National Parks. On our trip to California my girlfriend and I got the opportunity to rent a campervan for 10 days to see more of this epic state!