Discover Mexico - an Introduction

Home of mariachi music and tequila, Mexico is a great travel destination. Mexico is so much more than what you hear on the news, here is a strong sense of cultural pride a deep history.

Mexico is a large country making it geographically diverse. You could spend months exploring the different varying regions. Getting lost in beaches, mountains, ruins, history or colonial architecture, whatever you may be interested in you can find in Mexico.

Mexico - in a Glance

Mexico - in a Sentence

Don't listen to the news, Mexico is fantastic and the people are incredibly friendly.
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Quick Facts About Mexico


Is the Mexican Peso (MXN)


Capital City is Mexico City


Is Spanish


Legal age is 18


Legal age is 18


4 time zones most of the country is on Central Time, UTC -6:00


Plug type A and B, which is two flat pins in a vertical alignment

127 Volt AC outlets at 60 Hz


Is on the RIGHT side of the road

Best time to visit Mexico

With a year-round spring like climate, anytime is great to visit most of Mexico. The Yucatan and Baja areas do experience a hurricane and rainy season but nothing too extreme.

Must See & Do in Mexico

  • Get lost in Guanajuato
  • Soak up some sun along the Yucatan
  • Learn about the culture

Travel Tips for Mexico

Long distance bus travel is like flying here. It is very comfortable but also pricey. This will be your main expense, especially if you travel across the country.

Amazing Visuals

Lose yourself in the Beauty of Mexico

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