Outsidevibes was created to share stories, spread knowledge and inspire individuals. We believe that life should be an adventure, one full of new experiences and fun memories. So if you have a fantastic or insteresting story, we would love to hear it and possibly feature your adventure!

How to Submit

Sharing your story is easy-peasy, all you need to do is either send an email to: or fill out the form on this page!

What we Need

There are a few guidelines that I ask you to follow when submitting your adventure story. Nothing too difficult, they just allow Outsidevibes to run smoother when I feature.

  • Your story must be new, original content or a story from your website that you have re-written specifically for Outsidevibes. Duplicate and plagiarized content is no bueno, it negatively affects both of us, emotionally, through Google Analytics and search rankings. If you submit a story it should be only for publication on Outsidevibes and not multiple websites.
  • We require a minimum of 300 words, depending on the story, but we prefer closer to 800 or greater.
  • Please structure the story and spell check beforehand.
  • Please provide a minimum of 1-2 accompanying photos per paragraph and 1 feature image.
  • The photos need to be your property and rights, not something you skimmed off the internet.
  • We ask that you also downsize your photos beforehand for website use. (100-250kb)
  • Re-name each photo to match the related story title.
  • Have fun with your story and share your personalty!
  • Make sure to include all website and social media links that you would like us to feature.
  • Include a short bio and image so we can create an author bio for you.