Story Behind Outsidevibes

Recording my travel adventures has been something I have been interested in since my first time abroad in 2013. Way before Outsidevibes came to be, I created a few other short lived travel websites. In 2014, I came up with the name Outsidevibes and it became clear this would be the website and brand that I have been dreaming of creating.

Since then Outsidevibes and the idea behind it has changed from a photo journal, to travel advice website and many more in between. The first draft of Outsidevibes was definitely a learning experience and leaving to Central America in 2014, I focused more on traveling than contributing to the website. In 2015 when an injury abroad sent me back home, Outsidevibes was still unknown even to my family and friends.

Spending most of 2015 and 2016 at home made me realize how important this dream of Outsidevibes was to me. Prior to traveling again in 2017, I spent 3 weeks redesigning Outsidevibes, with a new found passion. My girlfriend and I traveled around the South Pacific and I once again found it difficult to balance my dream, but I was determined to not give up. After 8 months of travel and slowly contributing to Outsidevibes, a motorcycle accident sent us back home from Thailand, putting my dream on hold.

Now a year after the accident, I am back on the road, and ready to travel and also grow Outsidevibes. Building Outsidevibes into the recognizable brand it deserves to be is my top priority, and this is the year it will happen. I now better understand the ins and outs of blogging full time, and though there is still a lot of work to be done, I am ready to make this happen.

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