Start of my Travels

In 2013 a few years after college, I set off on my first travel adventure outside of North America. I was at a point in my life craving change, wanting to see something different and do something new. Without much of a plan, I flew to Bangkok with a one-way ticket to meet up with a friend and ended up traveling for 5 months all over Southeast Asia.

Traveling around Asia was an eyeopening experience of new cultures and developing a love for travel and backpacking. The 5 months flew by, and before I knew it I was headed home to be a groomsman in a few friends weddings.

I returned home, and after a quick summer there, I was ready to hit the road again, this time headed to Mexico. I spent the following months backpacking through Central America and into Colombia, where I met my girlfriend Emma. She headed to Cuba and I, looking for a change of scenery, headed to Morocco for a new adventure.

I ended up spending a full month in Morocco and would have happily stayed longer, had my visa allowed it. I then headed to Spain, attending the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia and a few other cities. After the festival in Spain, I was eager to save my Schengen Visa time for the summer, so I flew to Turkey to avoid tourists and get off the beaten path (literally) by hiking the Lycian Way Trail. Unfortunately, halfway through the hike I ended up breaking my right foot, sending me home on crutches and ending my first, but not last, big adventure abroad.

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