Music is such a huge part of my life, I always have something playing, so each Wednesday I figured I would share what I am into that week.

Be forewarned this could be anything! I listen to everything, so you probably will find some new tunes. (Seriously everything, I spent 3 weeks this year listening to yodeling because it was winter outside.)

Jason Isbell SoutheasternWeek 18 – 12/26

Jason Isbell – Southeastern

It might not be Christmas music but my music pick this week is the best CD I have ever listened to in my adult life. I have played this CD to countless people throughout dozens of countries since 2013, all the way from Laos to Panama. I remember multiple nights and bus rides where I shared my love of Southeastern.

Southeastern is the break-through CD from extremely talented artist Jason Isbell. Over the years and ever since my first time hearing the CD, via my cousin while back-roading one night, I have felt a connection to each and every song on this CD. So if you want to hear some of the best and most emotional writing of this decade you need to listen to Southeastern. Currently my favorite songs are Songs That She Sang in the Shower and Different Days.

Red Hot Chili PeppersWeek 17 – 12/19

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Animal Bar

I don’t think it’s legally allowed for a person to be living next to the beach and not be listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Ocean sunsets and the Red Hot Chili Peppers just fit so well together.





The Glorious SonsWeek 16 – 12/12

The Glorious Sons – Young and Beautiful Fools

This week’s music comes from my brothers up north, or well south, considering that Lake Ontario is geographically more south than North Dakota. Anyway this Canadian rock band has it going on. Their newest CD Young and Beautiful Fools is your standard rock-n-roll album, composed of honest lyrics and catchy tunes. This whole CD is a great listen so all of it is going to be my pick of the week.



FirehouseWeek 15 – 12/05

Firehouse – Firehouse

I was going to say that Firehouse is one of the more overlooked hair-bands but after a quick google search it turns out that even though after their debut cd, Firehouse might not have kept a huge following in the US, they have a huge and dedicated international fan base! I did not know that a handful of their cd’s have been certified gold. This first cd is the only one that I know by heart but I plan to branch out and give the rest of their stuff a listen.

Some days you just need a little hair-sprayed music in your life and Firehouse’s self titled cd still tops my favorite list of 90’s bands. I remember my dad having the debut Firehouse cd and me constantly playing it as a kid, as loud as I could on his giant stereo system. (when they were gone of course) Rock on the Radio and Shake & Tumble can’t be beat.

Brand New Science FictionWeek 14 – 11/28

Brand New – Science Fiction

This past week was a bit of a struggle for me. I find that when I feel a bit down I usually revert back to a song or CD that has impacted my life or that I listened to with similar feelings in the past. So I searched out one of my favorite bands, Brand New.

Their Science Fiction CD came out last year and I remember being in Indonesia at the time. I just got done dog sitting in Bali and was about to spend the next few weeks backpacking, camping and hiking around the island of Java when the CD was released. I remember at the time feeling the same way that I do now, a bit overwhelmed, lost and unsure. I don’t know how many times I listened to that CD in a row nor how many times I have listened to it since then.

Science Fiction has most likely marked the end of Brand New’s Career, by choice, and they made a beauty of a CD to go out with. One thing that kept me as a fan over the years is as the band changed and grew, each CD grew over the years as well. A lot of their music has resonated with me over different stages in my life. My favorite tunes this past week are 137, Lit Me Up, and a song not from the Science Fiction album, but one of my all time favorites, Jesus Christ.

Xavier Rudd

Week 13 – 11/21

Xavier Rudd – Live in the Netherlands

This week’s artist is Xavier Rudd, one of Australia’s biggest and most well regarded. Coming in at almost two hours long his Live in the Netherlands cd has been the perfect complement for my days spent in the new apartment. Flag and Follow the Sun are my top two songs. Besides on this live cd Follow the Sun has been one of my favorite songs for a long time.



Future of Forestry

Week 12 – 11/14

Future of Forestry – On Giant’s Shoulders

This past week I was playing a NEEDTOBREATHE Spotify radio station when I came across Future of Forestry for the first time. The song On Giant’s Shoulders started playing and I was immediately drawn into it. On Giant’s Shoulders starts out with an almost urgent feeling, that grabbed my attention, and not much further into the song Eastern inspired instruments are added, which kept me listening to the end. After repeating the song I went to Future of Forestry’s Spotify page and proceeded to listen to more than one album. The main sound Future of Forestry shares is mostly instrumental with a positive undertow. Songs I have been listening to are On Giant’s Shoulders and Slow Your Breath Down. I also enjoy the Awakened to Sound album.

Twenty One Pilots Trench

Week 11 – 11/07

Twenty One Pilots – Trench

Last month Twenty One Pilots came out with their new album, Trench, and it’s really good. I have been playing it more or less each week it since its release, this past week was a more week.

Initially I did not get into Twenty One Pilots, when they released their Blurryface album. I knew some of their songs, from the radio, but that was all. It wasn’t until a year or so ago when I heard their cover of My Chemical Romance’s Cancer, that drew me more into their music. Jumpsuit and Neon Gravestones are my two top tracks this week.


The Ballroom Thieves Hymn 101Week 10 – 10/31

The Ballroom Thieves – Hymn #101

Continuing memories from last week, The Ballroom Thieves where about all I listened to again this week. I just found two, new too me, singles on Spotify which I have been hooked on. The singles are My Backwards Walk and Hymn #101. I really dig Hymn #101, just how the song slowly builds up until the end.




Ballroom ThievesWeek 9 – 10/24

The Ballroom Thieves – Bees

For better or worse I have a lot of memories tied to The Ballroom Thieves. I discovered the band in the fall of 2017, only a few short weeks before my Thailand Tuk Tuk accident. Up until the accident I was hooked on their 3 piece sound, listening to them daily. After the accident I did not listen to them for months, their sound brought too many painful memories. In March of 2018 I found myself in Toronto, visiting my girlfriend, and saw that they were going to play a show there in early April. Deciding that now was the time to get past those memories I made plans to go to their show. For the first time since the accident I listened to them all that day, along with the beginning of the next, unfortunately that next day my grandma passed away. I flew home immediately and of course missed the concert, but now The Ballroom Thieves were tied to another painful memory.

I did not listen to them at all over this past summer but throughout some twist of fate they started playing, from a random playlist, during a bus ride this week, near to the 1 year anniversary of that 2017 Tuk Tuk accident. Hearing them brought back painful memories but despite everything I have found myself listening to them more and more these past few days. Initially hearing them was hard but somehow their music now brings me comfort, knowing that sometimes unfortunate things happen but that it is possible to overcome the bad and still enjoy life. Right now I am listening to Bees, off of their Deadeye CD and Archers off of the Live at Audiotree album.


Week 8 – 10/17


Whenever I feel stressed I turn to NEEDTOBREATHE. There is something about their music that always brings me peace. If you have listened to NEEDTOBREATHE before I am sure you understand what I mean and if you have never listened to them before, give them a go. This past week I have been listening mostly to Darling, off of their new Forever on Your Side EP and Washed by the Water from their Live From the Woods concert.



Tyler Childers Purgatory

Week 7 – 10/10

Tyler Childers – Purgatory

There are certain necessities people have to combat homesickness and mine would be listening to blues/country styled music. This past week I was feeling a bit homesick, even though I was secluded on a very beautiful beach, surrounded by jungle and unplugged from the online world, I was still missing home and Tyler Childers was the perfect remedy.

Last spring I discovered his music randomly through a Spotify playlist, where I heard his Feathered Indians song a few times before deciding to check out the rest of his music. His Purgatory CD is really good and after I heard Live on Red Barn Radio I & II, I was hooked. On that CD the stripped down versions of his songs are perfect for chilling out. Tyler Childers music is some of the best music, of that particular style, that I have heard since discovering Jason Isbell quite a few years ago.

This past week I have been between the Purgatory and Live on Red Barn Radio CD’s throughout the day. Acoustic in the morning and full band in the afternoon to fill my idle beach days. Currently favoring the songs White House Road and Deadman’s Curve.


Rvssian Artist

Week 6 – 10/03

Rvssian – Pablo

I don’t know much about the producer Rvssian or Sfera Ebbasta as a singer, I currently don’t have any wifi to look them up, but I did randomly stumble across this song a few months ago and it made it into on of my playlists. It seems like a fitting kick-off track for my new adventure in Latin America. The song is quite catchy and I have been listening to it a fair bit this past week.




Week 5 – 09/26

Dayseeker – Carved From Stone (Re-imagined)

This past week I didn’t really listen to much music, even though I went to a concert, I was abnormally away from my Spotify. The one CD that I actively played was Dayseeker’s Re-imagined version of their Dreaming is Sinking // Waking is Rising album. On this short re-imagined release they softly remixed 3 tracks from that CD and two covers. Carved from Stone and Counterpart are the two songs that I kept switching between throughout this week.


We Came as Romans Cold Like War

Week 4 – 09/19

We Came as Romans – Cold Like War

I’m keeping the hardcore music train going this week with a band I’ve been into and out of since around 2009. I was first introduced to We Came as Romans by my friend’s younger brother at a wedding, we snuck out to drink beer in his car and listen to music before the dance. At the time I wasn’t really listening to metal-core music anymore but after hearing their To Plant a Seed CD I became a fan.

I didn’t really keep up with any future We Came as Romans releases until I got a Spotify notification in 2017 about their Cold Like War release. Remembering how much I liked To Plant a Seed, I put on the CD and before the first song was over I was hooked. So if you are looking for an intense kick-start to the day, Cold Like War is definitely a good way. I really liked the direction the band took for the Cold Like War CD and I was excited to hear what they would come up with in the future but unfortunately at the end of August We Came as Romans clean vocalist, Kyle Pavone, passed away from an accidental drug overdose. It is sad to hear about this happening to anyone, especially an individual so young. Currently I am into, Vultures with Clipped wings and Two Hands.



Week 3 – 09/12

Dayseeker – Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising

This past week I wanted to get back into my running and workout routine before taking off to Canada and for that I gravitate towards heavy music. If your into harder, progressive rock, this CD will be your new favorite.

Dayseeker’s – Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising CD is a full length concept album that intertwines a deep story throughout all of it’s tracks. I dig concept albums that have a great story and this one reminds me of my younger self’s favorite concept album, Boys Night Out – Trainwreck. My top songs are, Vultures and Sleep in the Sea Pt 2.

Side note, if you are not into heavy music, Dayseeker just released a solid, soft remix of Versace on the Floor that has also been in my top rotation these last few days.


Melanie Laurent

Week 2 – 09/05

Melanie Laurent – En t’attendant

This week’s artist is someone I had never heard of before! I found Melanie Laurent randomly when I was listening to Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist. Hers was the first song on the playlist and the piano just drew me in. I went straight to her En t’attendant CD and can’t stop listening to it.

Finding her CD was such a coincidence. This week I was listening to a lot of Damien Rice, he was going to be my pick, until I came across Melanie Laurent, and guess what, he actually co-wrote 5 songs on the CD and sings vocals on a couple. My favorite songs are En t’attendant, Uncomfortable and Papa.


Bears Den Red Earth Pouring Rain

Week 1 – 08/29

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Welcome to the first Song of the Week / What I’m Listening to! We are going to start with a CD that has been filling my ears for over two years now, wow I can’t believe this CD has been out for two years! Bear’s Den has mostly dominated my lineup these past few weeks, well years I guess. Their music is full of emotion and their newest CD Red Earth & Pouring Rain is no exception. Here is 1 hour of greatness, every song flows together extraordinarily well. Mostly this week I have been repeating the last 3 songs, Fortress – Gabriel – Napoleon.


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