Music is such a huge part of my life, I always have something playing, so each Wednesday I figured I would share what I am into that week.

Be forewarned this could be anything! I listen to everything, so you probably will find some new tunes. (Seriously everything, I spent 3 weeks this year listening to yodeling because it was winter outside.)

We Came as Romans Cold Like WarWeek 4 – 09/19

We Came as Romans – Cold Like War

I’m keeping the hardcore music train going this week with a band I’ve been into and out of since around 2009. I was first introduced to We Came as Romans by my friend’s younger brother at a wedding, we snuck out to drink beer in his car and listen to music before the dance. At the time I wasn’t really listening to metal-core music anymore but after hearing their To Plant a Seed CD I became a fan.

I didn’t really keep up with any future We Came as Romans releases until I got a Spotify notification in 2017 about their Cold Like War release. Remembering how much I liked To Plant a Seed, I put on the CD and before the first song was over I was hooked. So if you are looking for an intense kick-start to the day, Cold Like War is definitely a good way. I really liked the direction the band took for the Cold Like War CD and I was excited to hear what they would come up with in the future but unfortunately at the end of August We Came as Romans clean vocalist, Kyle Pavone, passed away from an accidental drug overdose. It is sad to hear about this happening to anyone, especially an individual so young. Currently I am into, Vultures with Clipped wings and Two Hands.

Week 3 – 09/12

DayseekerDayseeker – Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising

This past week I wanted to get back into my running and workout routine before taking off to Canada and for that I gravitate towards heavy music. If your into harder, progressive rock, this CD will be your new favorite.

Dayseeker’s – Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising CD is a full length concept album that intertwines a deep story throughout all of it’s tracks. I dig concept albums that have a great story and this one reminds me of my younger self’s favorite concept album, Boys Night Out – Trainwreck. My top songs are, Vultures and Sleep in the Sea Pt 2.

Side note, if you are not into heavy music, Dayseeker just released a solid, soft remix of Versace on the Floor that has also been in my top rotation these last few days.


Melanie Laurent Week 2 – 09/05

Melanie Laurent – En t’attendant

This week’s artist is someone I had never heard of before! I found Melanie Laurent randomly when I was listening to Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist. Hers was the first song on the playlist and the piano just drew me in. I went straight to her En t’attendant CD and can’t stop listening to it.

Finding her CD was such a coincidence. This week I was listening to a lot of Damien Rice, he was going to be my pick, until I came across Melanie Laurent, and guess what, he actually co-wrote 5 songs on the CD and sings vocals on a couple. My favorite songs are En t’attendant, Uncomfortable and Papa.


Bears Den Red Earth Pouring Rain

Week 1 – 08/29

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Welcome to the first Song of the Week / What I’m Listening to! We are going to start with a CD that has been filling my ears for over two years now, wow I can’t believe this CD has been out for two years! Bear’s Den has mostly dominated my lineup these past few weeks, well years I guess. Their music is full of emotion and their newest CD Red Earth & Pouring Rain is no exception. Here is 1 hour of greatness, every song flows together extraordinarily well. Mostly this week I have been repeating the last 3 songs, Fortress – Gabriel – Napoleon.


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