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I’m starting a whole new section of blog posts based on personal growth, positive thinking and positive outlooks. Welcome to the second segment, click here to read the first segment.

There is definitely a correlation between physical health and positive energy. The better we treat our body the better our overall mindset becomes. It is amazing that what we put into our body affects our thoughts and the energy we then put out to the world. It is also amazing that when we start to improve our physical health in a loving and positive way how immediate our mindset becomes positive and how much brighter the world looks.

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Hiking in the Isle of Skye

Currently I am in some of the best physical shape of my adult life. I am not bragging or trying to show off how hard I have worked to get into this shape, I honestly just haven’t felt this physically and emotionally healthy since I started to travel in 2013-14. I have been dealing with some very traumatic travel injuries which have plagued me since early 2015.

Health and positivity
A few weeks ago

Health and positivity

In 2018 my various travel injuries finally healed enough that I could start exercising regularly but it wasn’t until recently that I actually let go of the emotional aspect associated with those injures. I had held onto the view of myself as still being a hurt person. It has taken a lot of work for me to get to this point in my life, results don’t just happen over night and sometimes it takes a massive change to make you see the type of mindset you are in.

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Checking out the Toronto Waterfront Cycling trail

Last year I did a lot of physical therapy to heal both my old broken foot, my new torn Achilles tendon, my broken jaw and other body parts that were severely injured in 2017. That therapy eventually healed the pain from those injuries and I spent most of 2018 building up muscle and strength again. I got healthy enough that I was running, rollerblading, bicycling and even rock climbing in a gym. I could do my favorite activities without having much, if any, physical pain. Since I was now active I started to eat better, I lost fat, I gained muscle and continued to improved my physic. But even though I was gaining strength back I still spent the better part of 2018 carrying around the burden that I was an injured person.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Toronto
Colonel Samuel Smith Park

My body might have healed but even afterward I carried around the weight and anxiety of those injuries. When I left for traveling in the fall of 2018 I had so much hidden anxiety about traveling again. I was overly cautious, I got scared riding in vehicles and I needed constant reassurance that something bad was not going to happen to me while traveling. Some days I broke down, other days I just didn’t have the energy to do anything.

I remember when I started to surf for the first time in October of 2018 how scared I was of getting hurt again. My anxiety level was so high that once my group surf lessons were through I did not go out surfing on my own until almost 2 months later and then I only went out once.

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Big waves and beach sunsets

Every trip I have left on since 2015 I ended up getting injured somehow. Which shows why that even in 2018 leaving to travel I was stressed out. The trauma from the severe Tuk-Tuk accident of 2017 stayed with me long after my physical injuries healed. This trauma affected my outlook towards the future. It was mostly subconscious, but I had a hard time planing or even looking forward longterm. I got caught up in working on Outsidevibes because it was safe and something I knew how to do. But I wasn’t working on the correct aspect of it, I only focused on small daily tasks and spent hours upon hours revising things or working towards projects that really did not matter. I kept myself occupied with busy work, not actual work, that would put myself out to the world or move Outsidevibes forward. Looking back I kept myself busy like that because it was safe and I would not have to leave my protective bubble to face new challenges, which were unknown, and where I could potentially be hurt by in some way.

Now that I have completely released myself from the mindset that I am still an injured person, I’ve left that mindset behind, I feel the best I have in years. I have started this year with the continual improvement of my physical health and positive energy, by working out, getting into mediation, aligning chakras and having a daily positive mindset. I have finally put myself out to the world through Outsidevibes. I am now planning ahead, looking towards the future and I have the mindset of truly succeeding in my personal life and with my business.

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Improving your health, whether it is emotionally by releasing your burdens, mentally by promoting a positive mindset or just physically by getting into shape, might seem like a mountainous task at the beginning but once you discover the outlook that being healthy is not just a short term thing, but a true lifestyle, and work toward committing it as your lifestyle, you will start to feel fantastic. You will accept new happiness and positivity into your daily life and want to promote your positive attitude which will then bring even more positive things into your life.

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