Outsidevibes Weekly Update – 18

Outsidevibes Weekly Update Week 18

I want to start this Outsidevibes Weekly Update by saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! It’s always weird being away from home around the holidays, seeing everyone gathered together being all festive. These are the days I wish I could teleport home to celebrate with family and friends and then return to traveling. I’ve missed my fare share of holidays, birthdays, weddings and other events over these past 5 years traveling, but that’s what happens when you dream to see the world.

Spending the holidays away from home is sometimes difficult and sometimes it’s memorable. I remember missing my first Christmas ever. It was 2013, my friend and I were in Vietnam and we just arrived to Ho Chi Minh City. That Christmas we got together with some new people we met at the hostel and we all went to a waterpark to celebrate. Later that evening I went to the main square in town, where thousands of people gathered around the Catholic Church for the Christmas Eve service. Those who were not in church or standing outside listening to the service gathered to have a fake snowball fight with silly string and foam. It was so much fun, I was wearing shorts for the first time ever during Christmas and a Santa hat. For a while I stood outside the church to listen to the service, which was in Vietnamese, and then I joined the snowball fight. By the end of the night I was drenched head to toe with foam and silly string, smiling.

A few holidays like that come to mind alongside others where I have been completely homesick. This holiday did not feel like either of those. Christmas just felt like any other day here in Puerto Escondido. The only difference was I decided to put away all of my work and disconnect for a few days. Well I did not really disconnect, I watched a lot of Netflix, but it was good to unwind for a couple of days. How well the wifi has been working in my new apartment, compared to the past two months, is a Christmas miracle.

I must have had coal in my stocking at home because I also had some Christmas bad luck. The foot I broke in 2014 seems to draw in my clumsiness. Somehow, while wearing my sandals, I managed to full-speed catch my foot on the corner of a door and break one of my toes, the middle one, where I had been having such issues to heal these past few years. It’s currently swollen to 3 times its size, all black and blue and painful to touch or move. That’s the main reason why I’ve just been chilling on Netflix instead of surfing, swimming or running along the beach these past few days.

Other than that my self imposed holiday break was quite relaxing. Tomorrow my vacation is over, I’m ready to dive back into work! I am excited to share with you the great content I have been working on for this coming new year!


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