Outsidevibes Weekly Update – 16

Outsidevibes Weekly Update Week

Hello Outsidevibes Weekly Update. This week’s update is coming to you after my sunset workout/run and at the start of a congratulatory beer, we ran out of drinking water at the house.

These past handful of days Emma and I have been getting the most out of our gym membership which finishes up on Friday. I have continued my running trend and it has been going well, the weather is finally cooling down to a I’m-not-dying-in-sweat-every-second-of-the-day level.

This past week I have had more revelations regarding Outsidevibes and all of the things I want to accomplish. I’ve continued to spread myself thin on too many various tasks. Once I get a few of them settled down I’m forcing myself to focus on only one or two goals not the 10 I have been working on simultaneously. It’s just too difficult to do everything that I want, being away from home and the USA in general, plus the internet here has been beyond terrible. I don’t even know how to even describe the amount of extra work I have to put in every day just to get basic things accomplished, but I’ve been powering through! What should take 5 hours takes 12. That is what literally happened to me yesterday, I worked on my laptop, with no break, from 6 am to 6:15 pm and did not finish what should have taken me half the time.

In order to help combat the horrendous internet connectivity in Puerto Escondido on Monday I got myself a second sim card and phone plan. I’ve kept my previous sim card, which I put in for general use when I’m not working. That plan gives me unlimited data but they blocked the hotspot feature. My second sim card and phone plan are with a different provider, I got this because I am fed up with the lack of actual WIFI at our airbnb. The wifi in our apartment has worked probably 3% of the whole time during our 4 week stay here. Now with my new sim card I can hotspot my laptop and actually get some work done, if the cell towers are up that day.

On a somewhat positive note I have the first ever Outsidevibes products ready for sale! I hoped to have it announced on the website and to everyone on social media before this Outsidevibes Weekly Update but getting the final touches on the backend working has taken longer than I anticipated. Hopefully I’ll get it all sussed out tomorrow for you to check out!

Other than that this Saturday Emma and I move again, I can’t believe another month has gone by. I will miss the size of our current place but I’m ready to be back down on the beach. Have a great Wednesday night everyone!


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