Outsidevibes Weekly Update – 15

Playa Carrizillio Puerto Escondido

Hey everyone time again for Outsidevibes Weekly Update! As I write this I am happy to say that I’m feeling better this week compared to the week before. After writing last week’s post I decided that some changes were needed. 

I haven’t been feeling good about myself physically and as the saying goes, “you have to look good to feel good”, I went and pampered myself with a makeover. I got a 50 peso haircut, roughly $2.40, I dusted off my shaver and trimmed my homeless beard into something respectable, I went to the dentist, started running again and even managed a few days in a row at the gym. Running is my ultimate stress reliever, one that I have been neglecting this past month and a bit, and a clean-up in appearance was definitely overdue.

Another thing I wasn’t feeling the best about was my work. Working for myself invites this huge stress in that I don’t normally have. Even if I put in a long workday I still get this deflated feeling, especially when I don’t get as much done that day or things take longer than planned. I find myself focusing on the negative aspect of not accomplishing as much, because there is always more that could be done, instead of congratulating myself. So I have started to organize my days better and set limits to create a better balance between work and free-time.

These last few weeks I have found myself in and out of a funk and feeling cooped up. This past month was designated to be a working month, but work has not gone as smoothly as planned, which in turn increased my stress. Not getting as much done as I envisioned had left me feeling too guilty to take time off to enjoy where I am and the beauty that is around me.

Since last Wednesday I’ve now forced myself to have new outlook on my days and set limits, alongside my goals. For example lets say I work for 8 hours one day but don’t get as much completed as I thought I could, I need to stop myself after those 8 hours, disconnect and enjoy the evening sunset or afternoon at the beach, without feeing guilty. Because even though I did not get everything done I still put in a full day of work and I should not feel stressed afterward.

Yesterday is the perfect example of my new outlook on organizing my days. I woke up, went for a run, made breakfast and immediately started working for the day. I put in about 7 hours of work before we lost internet and even cell service. Instead of sitting around, anxious for the internet to come back and finish what I was working on, Emma and I decided to stop everything right then and go to the beach.

We packed our beach stuff, hopped on the collectivo and headed to Playa Carrizalillo. A place I had not been to since my first week in Puerto Escondido, almost two months ago now. Actually I have not been swimming or surfing for almost 4 weeks now. I had a nasty ear infection that initially kept me out of the water but after that started to clear up I was feeling stressed about work and so caught in my slump that I even skipped my last surf lesson.

Emma and I swam a bit and we rented a surfboard to catch the last few hours before sunset. Initially I was nervous about surfing, because its been so long plus this was my first time doing it without an instructor. The waves were decent but more importantly it was just good to get out on the water and over my building anxiety about surfing on my own.

A day like yesterday was the perfect work/life balance. Emma and I have made plans to schedule days like that and take more time to enjoy where we are while we are here.


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