Outsidevibes Weekly Update – 13

Puerto Escondido Sunset

Buenos Noche everyone. This Outsidevibes Weekly Update is coming in a little late and going to be a quick one, I’m hot and sleepy, but still working towards my goal of making sure the Outsidevibes Weekly Update and Song of the Week are up every Wednesday!

This past week was mostly routine, like last week, but also a little non-routine. We switched Airbnb’s last Thursday and our new apartment is so nice. It completely blows my mind how nice, we have so much space and a ton of amenities. Luxury compared to our last place. The only downside is that we have absolutely no WIFI. We have a router in our apartment but our signal has been down since we moved in. I logged into the router and we have no external DSL connection coming in (and no help from our host to fix it), so in order to get around this both Emma and I have gotten ourselves cell phone plans.

Last week our friend from Canada showed us a provider that offers unlimited data for 10 pesos a day! Emma got hers last week and I waited till after the weekend to get mine. I was hoping our internet would start working but when Monday came and there was still no internet I had to do something.

As of now the cell phone plan works fantastic. We are having some issues connecting to our device hotspots but once you’re connected it works great. I am writing this from my hotspot and streaming perfect Netflix at the same time! Which is another crazy thing for us, Emma signed us up for a Netflix account this month because our apartment has a WIFI compatible tv. It’s been months since we have had any form of tv! After binging Netflix over the weekend we have set some limits on our watching time but it’s a nice thing to have for now.

Last week I went into the doctor for some ear pain and it turns out I’ve got a nasty ear infection so I have had to lay low since Friday. No swimming, surfing or exercise. My ear is feeling somewhat better but still not the best. I’ve got some more antibiotics left but if it does not get better in a few more days I will go back in. With that it’s a good thing that our surf instructor did not show up for our last lesson today because I shouldn’t be in the water yet anyway.

Thats about all for the week. Mostly making ourselves cozy in our new apartment and laying low watching Netflix. I’ve got a list of things I want to get done for Outsidevibes this next week and I am going to work my butt off to make sure I complete it! Because, December is almost here, yikes!

I’m a day early but I hope everyone at home has a happy Thanksgiving! I’m sad that I’m missing out on all the delicious dessert and homemade stuffing, plus once again not celebrating another holiday with my nieces and new nephew. I miss them tons, along with the rest of my family and friends back home.

Take care!


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