Outsidevibes Weekly Update – 12

Puerto Escondido Outsidevibes Weekly Update

This Outsidevibes Weekly Update doesn’t have a whole not going on, this past week was a more routine one. I continued with my surf lessons and I fought off some cockroaches. Last night before bed I had an epic exchange with the world’s biggest cockroach last. After a good 35 minute battle I finally came out victorious. Both Emma and I are quite looking forward to be switching accommodations tomorrow.

Tomorrow we move to the Airbnb that we initially booked a few months ago, technically we weren’t supposed to arrive to Puerto Escondido until tomorrow, but a few weeks ago we cut our Mexico travels short to get to the beach, work and save money. Where we are staying at now is nice for the price and location but we are glad to switch, after being there for a few weeks it has started to feel crammed. Our next place is located more in the city, so we will be away from the beach, but we will have a full kitchen, living room, hammock area and an actual table that we can work on. Fingers crossed that the WiFi is good instead of non-existent.

I went up to the co-working space a few days last week and I put in way too much time redoing my Pinterest images. Things just take so much longer down here, what should take 15 minutes takes 45 minutes instead. I have already spent over 20 hours on them, I need to finish today, so I can start working on new things.

Other then that we hung out with our Canadian buddy, who leaves today, and enjoyed a few sunsets on the beach. Also I received a nice surprise at home on Monday, one that I have been looking forward to for a few months now and I am super excited! I need to coordinate things with my family back home and get a few things ready on the website but hopefully I can share the secret soon!

That’s about all for this Outsidevibes Weekly Update, I hope everyone is doing good.

Puerto Escondido Mexico Sunset Puerto Escondido Mexico Sunset


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