Happy Wednesday ya’ll, time for your Outsidevibes Weekly Update! I’m still working on my surf skills, today I progressed to a smaller board and we went to the main break of La Punta. The waves were smaller than normal this morning, which is why Emma and I were able to surf there. You definitely have to be more careful at La Punta because how it breaks, along with rocks and the current, but we both handled the water well. Our lesson last Friday was the best we ever had, the waves were consistent, easy and perfect, we got a lot of long rides in. Everything went smoothy, so comparing Friday to today, today was a great learning experience at La Punta. The waves were harder to catch, we had to work more for them and pay more attention to the break at the end of the ride. Our instructor has been the best. Each lesson he has let Emma and I do more on our own, while still helping when we have questions and issues.

Asides from surfing Emma and I made some friends in town and we all went out last Friday for Dia de Muertos. Saturday then became a rest day on the beach and Sunday I spent all day at the co-working space. I finally got all of my Mexico posts, from last month’s travels, completely finished and up on the website. I wanted to get them posted to social media on Monday but we did not get back from surfing until almost noon. By the time we got done eating lunch Emma had to go to Spanish school and I did a thorough clean of our airbnb, we found cockroaches for the first time last weekend. They seemed to have invaded our apartment, but yesterday the bug guy was walking to every house and sprayed our place. It must be that time of the year for them.

After cleaning the apartment on Monday I turned on my two month old computer only to find it not booting correctly. My laptop has been glitchy and freezing ever since I bought it and finally it just did not want to work at all. Lacking wifi, I was forced to try and talk with Apple support via my cell phone, which ran out of data. Emma came home from Spanish school, saw me struggling and said lets go to the surf camp to get better wifi. We went to the surf place and their wifi wasn’t working. We went to a cafe and that wasn’t working either. I was so frustrated by this point. Wanting to get my laptop working I took the 30+ minute walk/ride to town and the co-working space. By doing this I had to blow off dinner plans with our friend from Vancouver, who was leaving town.

Thankfully the co-working wifi was working and I was able to connect again with Apple support. Somehow my boot sequence got messed up and my hard drive had a formatting issue. Apple has a way to boot your laptop in internet recovery mode and they connected to it through wifi to fix issues. They re-partitioned my hard drive and I had to wipe the OS system and install the new Mojave OS. It took over 6 hours to get everything back to working order so it was late by the time I got back down to La Punta. I found Emma still out with our friends so I joined them for a drink. That drink turned into multiple, we made some new friends at the bar right when we were about to go home, and ended up staying until closing time.

After the stressful Monday I didn’t feel like working yesterday, so when the bug guy came to spray, Emma and I left the apartment to eat. I then went swimming and walked the whole beach into town, to meet her after Spanish school for dinner in town. Today our apartment and everything still stinks but we found 9 dead cockroaches this morning!

This past week definitely had a lot of randomness going on. Right now my computer seems to be working but I am concerned about the hard drive failing down the road, it seems like a lemon compared to Emma’s new computer. This morning was our first surfing lesson at our new time, we now start earlier in the morning, 7am instead of 9am, to beat the high season rush and catch a better tide. Starting earlier was nice, it’s not as hot out. Plus I had more time to head up to the co-working space to get the Outsidevibes Weekly Update done for you!


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