This Outsidevibes Weekly Update is coming a little late and I almost decided not to write it tonight. Today I fell sick due to heat exhaustion. It is currently 90+ degrees outside with full humidity.

Emma and I arrived to the little Mexican beach town of Puerto Escondido yesterday afternoon, after 6 hours of flight delays and a night sleeping in the Mexico City airport. Today we took a local collectivo to the main area of town to get groceries and have a look around but unfortunately the heat got the best of me. By the time we got home I was dehydrated, overheated and sick to my stomach.

Getting used to the heat will take some time, my body has always been geared towards cooler climates. After the past couple months spent in Toronto plus traveling around Central Mexico, where the temperature is considered an eternal spring, the intensity of the beach heat is an adjustment.

Today might have been difficult for me but this past week was difficult for Emma. She got food poisoning in San Miguel de Allande and then got very sick from the cold temperatures there and in Mexico City. She spent most of the last week in bed, dreaming of this sunny beach town.

San Miguel de Allende is always a nice city to visit. It is full of expands, art and coffee shops. There is not much to do in the city, but a lot of people come down here from the north for the winter and enjoy just that. Emma had some bad vegan tacos so she spent most of our 3 days there in bed. It rained most afternoons and we did little but watch Spanish tv and relax in our room. After San Miguel we spent 3 long days in Mexico City. The weather was cold and rainy, Emma was still slightly sick and we were stuck in a very lousy hostel. Mexico City has some cool areas to explore but for me, passing through, it is just a crowded, big city. With the rainy weather and Emma not feeling well we mostly stuck to wandering around our area of the city.

This past week also marks one year since my Thailand Tuk Tuk accident. I could not help but think about it during our long bus ride from San Miguel de Allende to Mexico City, so I got out my computer on the bus, relived memories, and wrote a hard post describing the accident.

Anyway, besides the heat Puerto Escondido seems like a nice place to set up. Working might be a little difficult with no air conditioning and intermittent WIFI, but the ocean is calling and I am excited to try and learn to surf. It is nice to be able to unpack and take a break from the consent go-go-go of traveling. As of now we have plans to be here until the middle of December with no plans after. We are going to use this time to catch up on work and make great strides with our online endeavors!


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