Right now it is early morning, I am currently sitting in the common room hammock of my dorm in Guadalajara. Emma and I arrived to the hostel last night after about a 5.5 hour bus ride from Puerto Vallarta. Today we have a big day planned sightseeing the Historic Central and Tlaquepaque areas of Guadalajara. Meaning, I need to quickly get Outsidevibes Weekly Update finished before Emma wakes up! Here’s to Week 7, my first full week in Mexico on this new adventure!

Last week Emma and I were staying in the beach town of Yelapa, disconnecting from it all. I had wanted to visit Yelapa for quite a while now, and after being there I have to say that it’s pretty fantastic. There is definitely not much to do, especially when everything is shut for low season, but we managed to keep busy. One of the days Emma and I did a waterfall hike, which turned out to be more impressive than I imagined, plus we had the whole trail and waterfall to ourselves! Definitely the highlight of my stay in Yelapa.

Emma’s friend from New Zealand, who is now working in Mexico City, came to visit for the weekend, so they spent a few days catching up while I split my time between the beach, reading and working on some designs in Illustrator. I should have spent my time writing but it was difficult to get into that mindset, let alone wanting to stay in the room all day when the beach was calling!

Emma and I spent most of last week in Yelapa before deciding to head back to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday with Emma’s friend, who had to fly back to Mexico City. It was late Sunday afternoon when we got into Puerto Vallarta so Emma and I found a cheap hotel and decided to stay a couple of nights. We decided to spend Monday morning doing the Boca to Playa Las Animas hike and then the afternoon on the beach at Las Animas. Completing this hike had been on my list ever since my mom and I started it this past spring, but did not finish it. Plus we wanted one more beach afternoon before heading inland.

Unfortunately the hike did not go as planned, Emma and I decided to have a date night Sunday night, which might have turned into us enjoying a few too many of the 16 peso margaritas around town. We then got a later start on the day and the hike took us a bit longer than normal, Emma was fully riding the struggle bus, but no matter the hangover we completed the whole hike! The beaches down by Los Animas are fantastic, and for me, it is always great to wander a bit through the jungle. That day became a super long and tiring day and when we got back to our hotel room in Puerto Vallarta we picked up a pizza and went to straight bed.

Mostly this past week was spent enjoying the sun and beach with a couple cool jungle hikes thrown in. Now that we are in a city and have decent WIFI at the hostel I plan to spend the evenings catching up with my writing and I have set aside a full day that will be dedicated to launching Outsidevibes, before we hit the road again this Sunday.


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