Currently I am sitting amidst a dense jungle, with tall trees surrounding me and a nice view of the tiny alcoved beach town of Yelapa. I am about to meet Emma, who is down by the water, for a swim when I finish writing this update. This weekly Outsidevibes Update is going to be a quick one, due to the fact that our accommodation does not have WIFI. I will be trying to upload this Wednesday’s update via slow cell signal from my Mexican SIM card. I am a little antsy with the lack of WIFI because I am so close to having my general list of things done. I basically need one full day of decent, solid WIFI so that I can officially launch and share Outsidevibes.

My last few days in Toronto were spent packing and planning before our early flight Saturday morning to Puerto Vallarta. Emma’s grandma was kind enough to give us a ride at 4am to the airport. We flew through Calgary and down to Puerto Vallarta arriving 13 hours later.

Now that we are back into the broke backpacker lifestyle we skipped through all of the venders at the airport and hopped on the local bus headed south to the Malecon and our accommodation. That first night in Puerto Vallarta Emma and I enjoyed the beach, ocean and sunset dollar beers. We spent 3 days in Puerto Vallarata doing a few activities, like walking the Malecon and hiking up to the cross, which overlooks the city, before packing up to head to our next destination of Yelapa.

After a local bus and boat ride we arrived in Yelapa yesterday afternoon. So far this place is beautiful but it is expensive. This area is use to resorters from Puerto Vallarta, day tour groups and high-end Yoga retreats, which we knew when planning to visit here. Right now it is off-season and our hotel was actually cheap compared to the others, probably why we do not have internet. The room is not bad, a little musty is all, and we have a stove and fridge, perfect for us to save a bit of money versus eating at the overpriced beach restaurants.

That’s about all, we are going to be here for a few days enjoying the sun and sand before our next destination, which is unplanned as of now!


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