Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s time for another Outsidevibes Weekly Update! These past 7 days have gone by so fast, I’m not sure where they went!

So I have officially been in Canada for a week now. My first few days in Toronto were spent catching up with Emma’s family and friends. I managed to get in a few trail-runs around Colonel Smith Park and Lake Ontario, where I ran all this summer, I got my sushi fix covered and absolutely did not do any work online.

This past Friday Emma was part of her best friend’s wedding, so we spent the first couple of days trying to find me a deal on dress clothes. I only brought dress pants and tie from home, both of which I planned to leave in Toronto, I’m flying carry-on to my next adventure so I don’t have much extra space in my backpack! With Emma being in the wedding I accompanied her to the rehearsal dinner and the other pre-wedding activities before actual wedding last Saturday. The wedding itself was great, the venue was stunning and the wedding party all looked fantastic. I had a lot of fun experiencing a “big city wedding”. One oops of the evening happened no more than 5 minutes after the ceremony. I accidentally spilled my first glass of red wine all over Emma’s dads crisp white shirt. Luckily the reception was on a golf course so we just popped over to the pro-shop and I managed to get him a replacement shirt to rock rest of the evening.

Sunday was a full on lazy day, but Monday along with yesterday were more hectic days. Both my IPhone camera’s stopped working and I spent most of those days stressing out about that. I was a wreck trying to figure out what was wrong with them, how to fix them, finding parts or a cheap replacement phone or something before I take off out of the country next week.

Luckily I managed to get an appointment for yesterday afternoon at the Apple store, initially the earliest I could get into was this upcoming Friday but I spent hours refreshing the support page and I snagged a random cancellation appointment for yesterday. I have never had any work done on an Apple product in an official Apple store before and I am so impressed with how efficient and streamlined the process was.

The “Genius Bar” workers were able to log directly into my phone with a specialized software, like what you use to check your car computer, and diagnose what was failing on my phone, down to a component level. They said my back camera had failed and that broken circuit was also stopping the front camera and flash from working. They said that that they could have it apart, swap the bad camera with a new one and put back together in an hour. At the end of it all I was only charged for the cost of the new camera part, which comes with warranty! My phone is working good as new and I am super relived.

Yeah so this past week was crazy busy! I was a little thrown off being away from home and my normal routine but I am ready to get some plans made for this upcoming week and re-focus my attention on Outsidevibes!


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