Hello week two! It’s almost bedtime and I’m exhausted from putting in a very long day on the website, but it is Wednesday and I’m trying to stay committed to this Outsidevibes weekly update, no matter what, so I need to get this posted. A long website work day was definitely needed because over the past week I really did not do much on the website.

Today I finished changing over my last page-to-post conversion and I finished creating my Help Grow Outsidevibes page. Tomorrow I need to do another read through, when I feel fresher, after a night away from staring at the page. With those done I believe all of my new updates are now done, except for the Travel Essentials page, but I am not sure what I want to do yet to make that page better.

Last week I had an interesting Wednesday night, to say the least, after that I was feeling a bit down so I took a complete break from everything for a few days. I just zoned out and watched cable TV, I don’t know when the last time was that I did nothing but watch TV.

Then it was Labor Day weekend, my friends and I actually got together one night, something I have not done in a very long while. Hanging out with them is also something I should have been doing more often these past weeks since I’m back home, instead of being focused so much on Outsidevibes. But priorities are priorities and I have done some great work on the website over these last few weeks. This upcoming week is going to be crunch time for me to finish things I need to do around home, before I leave for Canada, and onto my next adventure!


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