Welcome to my Travel Wild Updates! I am not sure where to begin this, because I’m not even caught up with all of the posts I have planned for Outsidevibes, but let’s give it a shot!

Every Wednesday I will be providing a quick recap of the past week. These weekly updates are going to be more laid back and easy going, where I can keep in touch without having to make a giant post full of research, tips, reviews, all that sort of stuff. Also, these weekly updates will be a great way to help me improve my writing abilities, somewhere I can write more freely, without over-analyzing and pressuring myself too much.

I guess there is no perfect place to start, heck I haven’t even officially launched the website or told people about Outsidevibes yet! So if you are reading this, kudos to you! All of the juicy information like, what is Outsidevibes, who am I, what I’ve been up to, will be coming along in the next few months, for now lets just talk about the past week.

The beginning of the week I was making some great strides on the website. I did some layout updates and finally finished downsizing and organizing all of the images I had previously uploaded. This will improve page loading speeds and every image should be the correct size without it needing to resize in your internet browser. With resizing all of my images I went through some of my old posts from last year and changed a bit of wording, I did not completely rewrite them, but I can tell that my writing has improved since I wrote them last year. I also redid some post’s feature images that were the wrong size. For the layout updates, I downsized and changed a lot of the page images, I have been staring at the old ones too long. I redid the fonts and restructure of all my page sliders.

But by the middle of the week I once again got sidetracked. I put in tons of hours on other projects, multiple 14+ hour days, and I started a few new projects that pertain to Outsidevibes but not directly towards launching the website. I skipped my therapy stretches, workouts, ate bad and generally stressed myself out about life. By the end of the week I was a wreck.

So my goal for this upcoming week is to focus on what is important for Outsidevibes right now, not what I want it to eventually become in the future. I also want to stop over analyzing every little detail of the website design, I need to get over my anxiety of officially putting Outsidevibes out to the world.


  1. It all looks freaking Ah-mazing! Stop stressing. Step out of your comfort zone, get uncomfortable, and let the world hear. 🙂

    Can’t wait to follow along on your journey with Outsidevibes!


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