New Adventure Plans

I am excited to announce that as of September 2018 I will be flying down to Mexico for my latest adventure. I am feeling great that I now feel healthy enough after the toll 2017 took on my body and mind. I will be starting my trip in Puerto Vallarta and exploring the state of Jalisco for the third time, after a trip down here in March with my mother, and in 2014 on a solo backpacking adventure. My girlfriend Emma is joining me this time and we are excited to explore Central Mexico.

I am feeling a little nervous due to the amount of work I’d like to put into Outsidevibes, as I definitely do not want to fall behind. To combat this, we will be stopping every so often to work and catch up. After about 6 weeks of travel in Jalisco, Guanajuato and Mexico City, we will be heading down to Oaxaca for at least a month of sunshine, surfing and working a lot on Outsidevibes. Following that we have no plans, so anything can happen!

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