My Travel Injuries

There can be a number of possible dangerous situations while traveling, and while I would never caution anyone to avoid travel, I have had my fair share of injuries while abroad. Bad things can happen anywhere, all it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite the injuries listed below, I am still passionate about traveling the world, and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Here is a roundup of my worst injuries while traveling…

Breaking My Foot In Turkey

During my second major overseas trip in April 2015, I attempted the 540 kilometer, 30 day Lycian Way Hiking Trail. Halfway through the hike, I took a wrong step and broke my right foot. Far from civilization, I had to hike 3 days on it, with all my gear, to get a bus that could take me to the hospital. I had broken two metatarsals and fractured a third, leaving me in a cast on and off for the next 9 months. Following that, a combination of a bone simulating machine and therapy, in 2018 I am finally feeling better.

Cook Islands Bicycle Injury

In April 2017, on a trip to Rarotonga I volunteered to grab beers for other travelers by biking down to the only open store late in the evening. A few minutes into the ride, a scooter pulled out in front of me, causing me to crash my bike, leading me to breaking my wrist and cracking a rib. I ended up in a wrist splint for 3 months, and had my girlfriend carry most of my bags around the South Pacific and Asia.

You can read more about my Cook Island Injury in this post.

Bite By A Monkey In Bali

Later that year in 2017, I found myself in Ubud dog sitting. On one of my first days there, my girlfriend and I visited the Monkey Forest. While attempting to leave the park, I was following a monkey and accidentally stepped on it’s tail, causing it to bite me in the thigh. With blood running down my leg, we took a trip to the doctor for the rabies vaccination program, consisting of 5 shots over 3 weeks. Odds of rabies were low but it is always better to be safe than sorry with that disease.

A Tuk Tuk Accident In Thailand

2017 was a year for travel injuries, saving the worst for last. In October of that year, my girlfriend and I arrived in Thailand with no idea of what was to come. Just 24 hours into our stay in the country, we grabbed a tuk tuk taxi to head to dinner. About a minute into the ride, our driver collided with another motorcycle. We were both thrown from the tuk tuk, Emma into the traffic filled road and I was found unconscious on top of the other motorcycle.

We were taken to a local clinic, then transferred to a larger regional hospital before being medically evacuated back to the United States where I immediately had jaw surgery. I also suffered a concussion, memory loss, infection in my lungs, back pain and a tear in my Achilles tendon. The rest of 2017 and much of 2018 were spent recovering, including relearning how to eat and walk normally.

To learn more about my Thailand Tuk Tuk accident click here.

Fractured Toe in Mexico

Sometimes getting hurt can just be dumb luck instead of a big story. Like how in the winter of 2018 when my girlfriend and I were living in Puerto Escondido, Mexico I caught the end of a hard wood door with my foot and ended up fracturing one of my toes.

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