My 2017 Adventure

In 2017, my girlfriend Emma and I decided to quit our jobs and finally reunite after 2 years of being in a long distance relationship. We made plans to both work online, and travel through the South Pacific and Asia. Our first stop was in California, followed by the Cook Islands and French Polynesia.

The first few months of our trip did not go as planned, with an injury in the Cook Islands and the realization that my previously injured foot was still a problem for me. Instead of our original plans to hike around Mongolia, we headed to Japan for a few weeks of fun, then to Bali to relax, heal and work.

After 3 months in Bali, we left Indonesia due to the threat of Mount Agung erupting. We headed to Malaysia for a few weeks, then up to Thailand, with plans to spend a month in the country, before heading back to Malaysia where my mother was coming to visit. Unfortunately after only a day in the country, we were involved in a motorcycle accident requiring medical evacuation out of Thailand and back to the United States for me to have surgery.

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