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I’m starting a whole new section of blog posts based on personal growth, positive thinking and positive outlooks. Welcome to the first post and check back for more, Especially if you’re looking to grow or just improve your mindset! Feel free to share anything in the comments below.

Whether or not you believe in meditation or the spiritual aspect of life, if you are ever feeling unwell, depressed, stressed, full of anxiety or just out of balance you should take a step back and search for the root cause to those feelings. Talk to someone if you need to or find something that helps you, whatever that may be. For me I love running and nature. Spending time outdoors really helps me de-stress and re-align myself.

Hiking Scotland

Over the years through traveling I have learned snippets about chakras and energy, but it wasn’t until more recently, after a couple of very rough months, have I actually put my full energy and spirit towards meditation and aligning myself. Balancing and surrounding myself with positive energy has not only given me comfort and confidence in my own skin but it has also brought me many great new opportunities, alongside a better outlook towards my online field of work, which I have been struggling with these past few years. I’ve gained a positive outlook towards succeeding in that field and discovered what I am going to achieve out of life. Having this positive energy has helped me realize who and what is important in my life and not to stress about little things that don’t ultimately matter.

Since I have an educated background in the electrical and electronics field, I already know a fair bit about energy and the different types of frequencies that resonate from man made objects and even frequencies that are found naturally. But after discovering more about chakras and positive energy I whole heartedly agree that we as humans give off our own frequencies alongside a varying energy that shifts with our mood, attitude, diet, environment and thoughts.

Whether through stress of everyday life, work, a loss, trauma or an injury we can sometimes loose part of ourselves, our focus or just misplace what care about or what we want out of life, without even realizing it. More often than not it might take some other experience to happen for you to realize the type of mindset you have been caught in. You might not be caught in that mindset continually or even that frequently but if it is one that you constantly revert back to it is time to re-align your personal energy.

The moment you realize this and you start to focus on positive energy, taking care of yourself and improving yourself you will see the world in a brighter light.

I had multiple struggles that I subconsciously let pile upon my shoulders over the last couple of years and I carried those with me until recently. Which was when something way worse than all those struggles combined happened to me. This most recent pain let me see the mindset I was in and the energy I was putting out. I wasn’t always caught up in that mindset or continually putting out that type of energy but by carrying those struggles with me it became a constant in my life. I found that I needed to put down those struggles, unburden myself from them, to improve myself as a person.

After learning more about the powerful effects your energy has on the world around you and personally experiencing real, positive results achieved through aligning my chakras, meditating and promoting a positive energy, I will forever continue to do so. I have gained a new outlook and once again found ambition in what I am working towards for my online business. I am learning to put the right amount of energy, time and work into the correct areas of my business and life. I’ve learned not to fret about the little or inconsequential things, stress or worry about something that will have no real impact on my life or spend countless hours working on needless projects or things that will not propel my life or my business forward.

I am finally unburdened from the weight that was once upon my shoulders. That weight from me struggling with how the online world works, putting myself out there, sharing personal stories with strangers, failing or even succeeding in my business and using my pain from my multiple traumatic travel injuries as an excuse. It’s taken a while to achieve this mindset but finally I have a healthy outlook and I am continually striving towards making positive things happen for myself and those I care about.

Hiking Scotland

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