Cheap cerveza's and tequila, along with a year-round spring like climate, make this the perfect destination to unwind. Explore colonial architecture, rest on a beach and learn more about this great country's history.


Outdoor utopia, expat haven, spiritual immersion - Indonesia has what you are seeking. Indonesia has been the place to be for a long time and it still is today.

French Polynesia

True perfection. French Polynesia will take your breath away at every turn. Each archipelago has something unique to offer and every island is one of the best in the world.

Cook Islands

Kia Orana! Located in the South Pacific this island paradise is a perfect travel beginner's getaway. English is a national language and the people are as friendly as they come.


Welcome to the moose filled land of hockey and maple syrup. Home to fantastic people, poutine and some vast countryside, Canada is one of my favorite places of all time.


Campervans and National Parks. California is an outdoor haven, you could spend years getting lost with nature. Don't worry civilization is never too far away, with some of the largest cities in the United States located here.

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French Polynesia
Backpacking Fakarava on a Budget

Backpacking Fakarava on a Budget

Backpacking Fakarava is relatively new and that newness has kept this hidden slice of paradise off the main tourist radar, for now.

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