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Home of mariachi music and tequila, Mexico is a great travel destination. Mexico is so much more than what you hear on the news, here is a strong sense of cultural pride a deep history. Mexico is a large country making it geographically diverse. You could spend months exploring the different varying regions. Getting lost in beaches, mountains, ruins, history or colonial architecture, whatever you may be interested in you can find in Mexico.

Destination Mexico Flag

Quick Facts

  • Located in Continental America
  • Currency is the Mexican Peso (MX)
  • Capital city is Mexico City
  • Official language is Spanish
  • Legal drinking age is 18
  • Age to legally buy tobacco is 18
  • Electrical plug type A and B, which is two flat pins in a vertical alignment
  • 127 Volt AC outlets at 60 Hz
  • Driving is on the right side of the road
  • 4 time zones with most of the country being on Central Time, UTC -6:00

At a Glance


In a Sentence


Don't listen to the news, Mexico is fantastic and the people are incredibly friendly.





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Mexico Adventure with my Mother

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Guanajuato Mummy Museum

El Museo de las Mummies, is an eerie experience to say the least. One of the must see (?) places in town, the Guanajuato Mummy Museum will leave you feeling slightly disturbed.

San Gabriel Hacienda

This massive hacienda, now turned museum, is the perfect afternoon escape from Guanajuato’s small bustling streets. The grounds contain 17 different gardens along with 15 areas to explore. It is easy to loose yourself in this peaceful expanse.

8 Things to do in Guanajuato City

Guanajuato is a small picturesque place, formerly one of the world’s leading silver producers, this area is now known for its perfect spring climate and well preserved architecture. A lot of the city is only accessible by walking or small vehicle. Here is a list of 8 things to do in Guanajuato city.

La Valenciana Mine

When visiting the silver capital of Mexico your trip isn’t complete until you explore a traditional silver mine! Dubbed La Valenciana Mine this area wasn’t just home to any ordinary mines. It was once one of the world’s largest silver areas, producing over one third of the world’s entire silver.

El Mirador Walking Trail

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through San Miguel de Allende with my El Mirador Walking Trail. This post will share with you a fantastic route to get some great views and photos of San Miguel de Allende. This picturesque city is home to many enjoyable sites and boutique shops.

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Exploring the Mexican Baja

My girlfriend and I were heading to Cabo San Lucas for a wedding and decided to venture down a few days early, rent a car, camp and explore the Mexican Baja! We had an incredible 10 days sight-seeing Mexico and experiencing resort life for the first time!

Best Time to Visit


With a year-round spring like climate, anytime is great to visit most of Mexico. The Yucatan and Baja areas do experience a hurricane and rainy season but nothing too extreme.

Must See & Do

  • Get lost in Guanajuato
  • Soak up some sun along the Yucatan
  • Learn about the culture

Travel Tips


Long distance bus travel is like flying here. It is very comfortable but also pricey. This will be your main expense, especially if you travel across the country.



Guadalajara’s Centro Historico in 20 Photos: New Adventure

Mexico's second largest city of Guadalajara is a major cultural and tourist attraction, with the most notable area being Guadalajara's Centro Historico.

San Miguel de Allende in 19 Photos: New Adventure

Situated in the near center of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a well regarded city full of cafes and boutique shopping stores.

Guanajuato City in 19 Photos: New Adventure

The small colonial town of Guanajuato City is truly a treasure to be discovered. A former world silver producer Guanajuato City is now a tourist hotspot.

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Puerto Vallarta's Malecon area is a must see when visiting this destination city. Located along the Pacific Ocean front the Malecon stretches for 12 blocks.

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Yelapa is quickly becoming Puerto Vallarta's new day trip destination, and for good reason, this secluded jungle and beach paradise is out of a dream.

Boca de Tomatlan to Playa Las Animas Hike in 15 Photos

Relatively unknown, but becoming more popular, the Boca de Tomatlan to Playa Las Animas hike is the perfect secluded getaway from Puerto Vallarta.

22 Photos of Guanajuato City

Guanajuato is a small mining town in Central Mexico with a rich history, one smelted in silver. now days it is known for its young bustling atmosphere and it’s colorful, picturesque cobbled streets. These small streets along with the city’s rich architecture and near perfect weather make Guanajuato City a must see.

San Miguel de Allende in 19 Photos

San Miguel de Allende is a well preserved colonial town known internationally for its art scene. San Miguel is a very cosmopolitan city, full of of small cafes, shops and galleries. There is a big expat presence in the city, with good reason, this place is magical.

20 Photos of Guadalajara Centro Historico

Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city with a population of over 5 million. Even though it is a sprawling metropolis it has some very unique areas with one of the best being Centro Historico. This post will show you photos of the Guadalajara Centro Historico.

Puerto Vallarta in 22 Photos

Located along the Pacific coast Puerto Vallarta is mostly an escape for retirees and expats alike but Puerto Vallarta still has an old charm along its Malecon and Romantic District. Cobbles streets, art sculputres and beach views, these photos of Puerto Vallarta will have you ready for a vacation down here.