Japan is...

An island nation located off the shore of Eastern Asia, Japan is a true wonder to experience. Steeped with longstanding culture and traditions the “Land of the Rising Sun” will entice you and a visit is a must. Japan\’s transportation system is one of a kind. This country is very modern and extremely easy to navigate. And navigate you should, the vast mountain and forested landscape is breathtaking.

Japan Flag – Outsidevibes

Quick Facts

  • Located off the coast of Eastern Asia in the Pacific Ocean
  • Currency is the Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Capital city is Tokyo
  • Official language is Japanese
  • Legal drinking age is 20
  • Age to legally buy tobacco is 20
  • Electrical plug type A and B, which is two flat pins in a vertical alignment
  • 100 Volt AC outlets with 50 Hz in Eastern Japan and 60 Hz in Western Japan
  • Driving is on the left side of the road
  • Japan's time zone is UTC +9:00

At a Glance


In a Sentence


Everything is organized, on time and clean. Japan is very easy to get around and all of the signs are in English.




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Best Time to Visit


Japan has 4 distinct seasons. Depending on what your are looking for this can be a year round destination. March through May are warming up and dry. The rain comes heavy in June and July then subsiding for more great weather into the end of October.

Must See & Do

  • Explore old Kyoto.
  • Visit Fuji Five Lakes region.
  • Eat Sushi....All of the Sushi.

Travel Tips


Almost everyone visiting Japan will get the Japan Rail Pass to travel around the country. The free app Hyperdia is a lifesaver. It has all of the train routes, schedules and timetables. This will definitely help you plan your route. But it is only good on a device for 30 days so don't download it until your are in the country.