The Cook Islands is...

Located in the South Pacific the Cook Islands is a 15 island nation with history and ties to New Zealand. That connection makes this a popular holiday destination for New Zealanders but fortunately this does not over-shadow the local Maori culture. Rarotonga, the largest and most populated island, is the main tourist stop. Rarotonga is also the gateway to Aitutaki, it's neighboring island, which is world renowned for its stunning lagoon and beaches.

Cook Island Flag

Quick Facts

  • Located in the South Pacific
  • Currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) or Cook Island Dollar (CKD) at par
  • Capital city is Avarua
  • Official languages are English and Cook Islands Maori
  • Legal drinking age is 18
  • Age to legally buy tobacco is 18
  • Electrical plug type I, which is two flat pins in a V-shape alignment
  • 240 Volt AC outlets at 50 Hz
  • Driving is on the left side of the road
  • Cook Island's time zone is UTC -10 hours

At a Glance

Cook Islands

In a Sentence

Cook Islands

Everyone is friendly and hitchhiking is a thing, all it takes is a smile, your thumb and to say Kia Orana!




Cook Islands

Rarotonga Backpacker Guidebook

My Rarotonga Backpacker Guidebook covers everything you need to know about this South Pacific gem. I cover in detail how to get there, what to do, what to expect and how to have fun on a backpackers budget! The Cook Islands are an incredible country, full of wonderful people and a perfect introduction to island life.

Rarotonga Cross Island Hike

If you need a break from the beach, the Cross Island Hike, is the best away-from-the-water activity to do on Rarotonga Island.

My Rarotonga Adventure

Rarotonga Island, which is apart of the Cook Island archipelago, was my first experience and taste of island life in the South Pacific.

My Cook Island Injury

This was the year of injuries and they all started with my Cook Island injury. I was only a few days into my new RTW adventure when it happened.

Best Time to Visit

Cook Islands

Dry and high season start in April and go until the end of October. I went in April and it rained all day long for 6 days in a row.

Must See & Do

Cook Islands
  • Fruits of Rarotonga snorkeling spot.
  • The Cross Island hiking trail.

Travel Tips

Cook Islands

With the heat and humidity don't try to peddle bike around the island. Save time and hitchhike or take a bus which circle the island all day long.

Photos of

Cook Islands

Rarotonga Island in 15 Photos

Rarotonga Island is apart of the Cook Island archipelago. Located some 3,000 km northeast of New Zealand this stunning island paradise is a great introduction into Polynesian culture and the South Pacific!