Cold Steel Best Pal Knife

Cold Steel Best Pal

I purchased the Cold Steel Best Pal in 2014 in addition to the Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto to be my go-to travel and backpacking knives. While the Best Pal provided comfort in some sketchy situations, thankfully I never had to bring it out of my pocket.

Cold Steel Best Pal

Being a push-knife the Cold Steel Best Pal is completely designed for last resort self-defense use. Weighing less than 2 ounces and 4 inches long the Best Pal is a light, compact addition to any backpacking weight. Its small design makes it easy to conceal in a pocket or around your neck.

With two sharpened edges in a tapered triangle design and forged with 8A stainless steel the Cold Steel Best Pal can be quite deadly for its small blade size, 2.5 inches. It comes with Cold Steel’s Secure-Ex sheath and a polymer molded grip handle.

Final Thoughts

I did not mind adding the Cold Steel Best Pal into my essential travel gear but even with the protection it brings it does not have any other functionality besides self defense. That reason along with wanting to condense travel knifes and cut pack weight my knives been swapped out to just one new small foldable knife for my 2018 adventure.

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Cold Steel Best Pal



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