Visiting Prambanan Without a Tour – Java Adventure Part 1

Pramabana Temple Yogyakarta Indonesia

Prambanan is a 9th century temple dedicated to the Hindu Trimurti, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Located nearby Yogyakarta on the island of Java this temple is a must see when visiting Indonesia. Prambanan is very accessible on your own and it was my first stop during my 2 day Java scooter adventure.

Prambanan Temple in 11 Photos

Visiting Prambanan Yogyakarta Indonesia

Dedicated to the Hindu Trimurti and created during the reign of the Mataram Kingdom, The Prambanan temple is a must see when visiting Yogyakarta. Located on the out skirts of the city and easily accessible, this stunning historical site has a meaningful history and unique design.

Visiting Borobudur on Your Own – Java Adventure Part 3

Borobudur Stupa Java Indonesia

Being Indonesia‚Äôs largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur is a must see when visiting Java. Located near Yogyakarta visiting Borobudur on your own is a great way to see and learn more about one of Indonesia’s oldest cultures.