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Hike to the Cross

Puerto Vallarta’s hike to the cross is quite a popular activity. It offers the best view in Puerto Vallarta and it is a great morning workout.
Hiking Mount Teurafaatiu

Hiking Mount Teurafaatiu

This breathtaking hike up Mount Teurafaatiu on the tiny island of Maupiti offers some of the best views, hands down, in the whole South Pacific.
Puerto Vallarta Street Art Mexico

4 Free Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a well known beach and resort town, located off the Pacific coast of Central Mexico, but it is more than just that and for those who like sightseeing or are traveling on a budget, here is a list of 4 free things to do in Puerto Vallarta!
Hiking Mount Merapi Java Indonesia

Hiking Mount Merapi in 15 Photos

Mount Merapi, also known as the Mountain of Fire is Indonesia's most active volcano with smaller eruptions occurring ever 2-3 years and a major eruption every 10-15 years. Hiking Mount Merapi is a must when visiting Java.
Hiking Mount Merapi Java Indonesia

Camping on Mount Merapi – Java Adventure Part 2

The "Mountain of Fire" also known as Mount Merapi is Indonesia's most active volcano. Located on the island of Java this hike is intense but well worth it. Hiking Mount Merapi on your own is an easy thing to do and I had a blast on my solo hike.
Rarotonga Cross Island Hike

Rarotonga Cross Island Hike

If you need a break from the beach, the Cross Island Hike, is the best away-from-the-water activity to do on Rarotonga Island.