Bali Update

Bali Outsidevibes Update

Hey gang Sheridan here with a much needed Outsidevibes update, which is coming all the way from sunny Bali in Indonesia!! Sorry I have been away for a spell! These past few weeks I’ve been swamped planning, packing, visiting friends, spending time with family and jetting halfway across the world!

Where do I start haha!?

Let’s start with Bali! So I arrived to Indonesia a handful of days ago, I have been shaking off my jet leg while also getting the feel for what’s located around me. I’m staying in Canggu a nice little digital nomad and expat community. Bali has such a great vibe, no matter where you are located, but this area has been super chill so far! Lots of nice cafe’s and a bit more of a long term residential feel instead of hostel/party/backpacker. The people here are here to work. Which is such a motivating feeling!

Bali Update - Outsidevibes
Rice field smiles!

Leading up to Bali I was working a temp job at home, planning my summer adventures and spending as much time with my family as I could before I left. My official plan this summer is Bali until the middle of July and then I go to Pakistan for 3 weeks with Epic Backpacker Tours, to do a dope hike! I’m beyond stoked for it! Afterward I am coming back to Indonesia for 2 months to work, work work. Then I go to the Philippines for a 10 day holiday and onward to Mexico for the Nomad Summit conference!

I’d say that’s a pretty stacked summer!

Pakistan is going to be so crazy. I can’t wait to share everything from there! I mean even doing their visa process was so detailed and harder than any other country I have applied for. I am beyond excited to be hiking with Epic Backpacker Tours. They are the go-to tour operator in the country. Will the founder has single handily built-up and created a non-existent tourism sector in Pakistan. This isn’t going to be your normal tourist tour, it’s very authentic and I will be experiencing a raw and real Pakistan! Speaking of Will, random thing happened to me today, I actually ran into him and his crew at my co-working space, which is so dope! Asia is the best.

Bali Update - Outsidevibes
So stoked to meet him! Such a chill dude.

Right now I plan to spend these next two weeks before Pakistan immersing myself in the different nomad communities around here while also getting organized and prioritizing what I want to achieve and accomplish this summer after the Pakistan trip. I need to get back into training for the high elevation hike I’m about to do, even though I’m currently sitting below sea level haha. I have a handful of projects I hope to catch up on and if I have time I will be changing the look of Outsidevibes to focus more about providing helpful information regarding gear, places to visit, and my personal skills. I want to do more work for The ADVNTR, getting other looks designed and different products added to the website. But the main thing I will be focusing on throughout this summer adventure is my daily life stories and branding myself, so if you haven’t yet make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my day to day travel life! It would also be fantastic if you could tell your friends and family about Outsidevibes, share some posts and scroll that finger over to the like button, when you are on social media, to help me spread the word!

Bali Update - Outsidevibes
Bali Update - Outsidevibes

Instagram is where I am most active right now, it takes up a good portion of my day but I also want to become more active on Facebook sharing helpful travel information and other great stuff for you. I also want to spend more time creating more content, taking videos and photos for you.

Also if you don’t know yet I teamed up with Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. and we released a signature flavor together! One inspired by my adventures. I am so excited how it turned out, it’s reallllllllly good, so head over to their website or mine to check it out!

Bali Update - Outsidevibes
I might be biased but this is some goooood coffee!

Finally I want to say that YOU are more important than you might think! Reading your comments, hearing complements and getting feedback about my adventures and posts really put a smile on my face and boost my energy for what I am working so hard to achieve! So I want to say a big thank you all who have followed my journey and all of you that take the time out of your day to read this and interact with me! You all are the absolute best.

Once I get a bit more caught up I promise to start doing more frequent updating and posting, sit tight and let’s have a great summer together!

Bali Update - Outsidevibes
Bali beach sunsets!


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