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Hi! I'm Sheridan

I am a professional adventure photographer, explorer, travel writer, van builder, and coffee creator who loves the outdoors. Since leaving my hometown in 2013, I have been moving and grooving, exploring new places, discovering cultures, and experiencing life! 

I have always been passionate about creating and capturing. Growing up I remember designing fictional snowboard brands instead of paying attention to my English teacher. I was also the kid with the disposable film camera trying to capture every moment spent with friends. Naturally, this love for design and photography led me to initially pursue Graphic Communications at University, before dropping out of that degree. But when I did decide to leave home for my first ever trip abroad I really found what I was meant to be doing in life, exploring!

Since then I have made a career out of content creation, photography, and design, it’s become my whole life. Outsidevibes is the dream I had since I was an unknowing child and I am so happy to be able to travel the world, connect with amazing people, and share the beauty of this planet with others!

I’ve severely broken a few bones traveling and had some hardships along the way but even with painful experiences, I know that becoming a nomad has been the best decision I’ve made. My goal through Outsidevibes is to bring inspiration to anyone that might be afraid to travel.

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