Photographer, World Traveler, Digital Creator, Writer, Adventure Seeker.

Hi! I'm Sheridan

I am a professional adventure photographer, explorer, travel writer, van builder, and coffee creator. In the fall of 2013, I started my current life direction and journey, with what was supposed to be a 6-month trip abroad, which has now become a 10+ year lifestyle that revolves around my passions of travel, the outdoors, and photography.

I have always been passionate about creating and capturing. Growing up I remember designing fictional snowboard brands instead of paying attention to my English teacher. And I was the kid with the disposable film camera trying to capture every moment spent with friends. Naturally, this love for design and photography eventually led me to build a life around the things that bring me happiness.

After spending the past years traveling and living on the road I just moved to the Pacific Northwest, Washington State actually, where I am setting a little home base, my first one since 2016, and plan to immerse myself in Pacific Northwest content creation and outdoor activities.

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"Travel Has Influenced My Life Beyond Anything I Could ever Express in words.”