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My name is Sheridan and I am the adventure expert behind Outsidevibes. I have taken my passions of photography, design, nature, travel and turned them into what you see here.

Since 2013 I have been continually moving, exploring new places, discovering cultures, and experiencing life! 2020 sent me home, with Covid, and after a few months at home, I decided it was time to work on a longtime dream of mine, to build a campervan!

I am currently roaming the USA in my Ram Promaster, getting lost in all the beautiful nature!

Outsidevibes Seek Adventure

Live with passion

Focus of Outsidevibes

Being an Epic Brand

Outsidevibes is ADVENTURE - I live and breathe it, and my goal is to inspire everyone who visits Outsidevibes, I want you to feel beyond STOKED for the adventure you are gearing up to do!

In-Depth Reviews

From outdoor products, trails, destinations, and van building, I am not only thourough on each and every review, I also make sure to share everything honestly and forthright, from my first hand experiences!

Brand Collaboration

Are you looking for an adventure expert to team-up with and created amazing content for your brand?

I offer a wide range of services and am always stoked for new collaborations and connections! Drop me a line at [email protected]

Adventure Seeker Podcast

Launching soon! I bring on extreme athletes, world travelers, and life livers to share some of their most WILD experiences.

Campervan Building

If you are looking for detailed build posts, someone to answer questions or even to have your dream van designed and built for you, I can help with it all.

Unique Travel Excursions

Guiding tours to some of my favorite destinations has been something I dreamed about doing, ever since my first time abroad, and I am sooooooo stoked to have my first tours go live soon!

Image Creating

From product and lifestyle, to nature, cityscapes, hotels and resorts I have professionally crafted stylized images all over the world.

Adventure Expert Sheridan
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Meet The Founder

Sheridan Cahoon

Adventure expert, image creator, designer, writer, accident-prone individual – I have spent the past almost decade exploring all around the world.

Hiking Scotland

Travel has influenced my life byond anything I could express in words

Sheridan Cahoon

My whole life I’ve been passionate about creating and capturing. Growing up I remember designing snowboard brands, instead of paying attention to my English teacher. I was also the kid with the disposable film camera trying to capture every moment spent with friends. Naturally this love for design and photography led me to pursuing Graphic Communications in University and when I decided to leave home to for my first ever trip I found what I was meant to be doing in life, traveling!

Since 2013 I have not only made a career out of content creation, photography and design, it’s become my whole life. Outsidevibes is the dream I have had since I was a child and I am so happy to be able to travel the world, connect with amazing people, and share the beauty of this planet to others!

I’ve broken a few bones traveling and had some hardships along the way but with each painful experience I still know that living life has been the best decision I’ve made. I strive to help and inspire anyone who is afraid to travel or has had hard times in their life. Always feel free to reach out to me, connecting with people is always fun! Follow on social media or send me an email at [email protected]

dream + vision

Outsidevibes is not only my passion it is my life.

I’ve always wanted to create something that is able to bring inspiration to others and Outsidevibes became that place. I love where this journey has taken me and my vision for the future is so exciting.

Adventure breeds growth, and there is no better place to find adventure than Outsidevibes. 

Services I offer


Social Media Management

SEO Overhaul

Product Testing

Freelance Writing

Travel Planning

Collaborations and Partnerships

Unique Travel Trips

Website Design

Custom Branding

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Hallstatt Austria Trip
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Having advised us on data flow, SEO and design ‘hacks’ we were delighted to see our website traffic grow to levels we have never seen before!

We can’t wait to work with him again!"
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We highly recommend him for any of your SEO needs!"
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He even gave a separate SEO step-by-step process to help make my website get better search results. Thank you sheridan! I look forward to working with you again."